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Worker with Nokia Industrial handheld

Nokia Industrial handhelds

Why choose Nokia Industrial handhelds?

4 reasons why these ruggedized handheld devices are the best for the job:

  • They are designed and purpose-built to withstand rough handling making them highly ruggedized to achieve IP68 and MIL-810H ratings and ensure they operate reliably in harsh environments.
  • The screen can be operated while wearing gloves, and large buttons and accessories including remote-speaker-microphones, wearable cameras, and Bluetooth headsets, also ensure protective clothing won’t impede critical communications.
  • They support push-to-talk, push-to-video, and other business critical applications.
  • They support a wide range of 4G/LTE and 5G bands, including band 68, for reliable use around the globe.

Nokia handhelds are an integral part of the Nokia one platform for digitalization, which comprises connectivity, edge computing capabilities, industrial applications for processes, people, device management and network monitoring. By selecting the entire platform, you can access the greatest value, benefitting from seamless compatibility, resulting from intensive planning and testing. Nokia Industrial devices can be leveraged using Nokia private wireless for campuses and wide areas, as well as with third party private wireless networks.

How can you add more value to your workforce?

Nokia Team Comms and Nokia Group Communications simplify inter- and intra-team communication to enhance productivity and worker safety. Workers can message others and share images and videos, adding context and meaning far beyond what is possible through voice-only communications, as well as value to your operations.

Small and medium sized enterprises can use Nokia Team Comms for reliable team push-to-x communications and can apply different permissions for groups and individual users according to their needs. Pre-integrated in Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and the Nokia MX Industrial Edge server, the app can be easily accessed from your users’ Android devices. Support for up to 200 simultaneous video, or 400 simultaneous audio calls, ensures workers on site and at base benefit from the greatest situational context.

Nokia Group Communications is 3GPP-compliant, meeting your standards-based mission- and business critical communications needs. Push-to-talk and push-to-video are both full duplex, meaning you can talk and share video in the same way you can using an application on your personal smartphone. There is no limit to the number of users and thanks to a variety of gateways offered by our partners, the solution interworks with legacy systems including TETRA and P25, making it possible for narrowband and LTE users to communicate with each other. Nokia Group Communications is typically used within wide area networks, for example for utilities, and for public safety, but will benefit teams working at any industry or public domain campus, including ports, mines, airports, and construction sites.

How can you best manage your fleet of devices?

Complement your Industrial device and private wireless solution with integrated Nokia Industrial device management. This supports zero-touch onboarding and plug-and-play operations of all Nokia Industrial user equipment. It’s also scalable to simplify the management of your entire device fleet.

Nokia Industrial device management plus incorporates additional features such as reporting and geo fencing, allowing you to define particular actions, for example, to trigger alerts when a device enters or exits a certain area. That means the user is made aware if they are entering a ‘no go or hazardous’ area or if they’ve forgotten to hand back a device before leaving the premises.

How can you benefit from Nokia Network Digital Twin?

Nokia Network Digital Twin enables devices to measure network performance and provide real-time telemetric feedback. You can set thresholds based on received KPIs and get alerts when minimum or maximum limits are exceeded, allowing operational teams to respond decisively and quickly. With the client installed, network health monitoring data is automatically collected from Nokia Industrial IoT devices as well as any Android devices in the background, so there’s no need for manual processes.

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