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Accessories increase safety and ergonomics for critical communication in demanding conditions

To ensure worker safety and improve Nokia Industrial device usability and ergonomics, we offer accessories that allow you to keep your protective gear on while communicating easily and efficiently. No need to take your gloves off! You can make and receive phone calls and engage through push-to-X communication hearing clearly in noisy environments while using the noise cancellation headset. For emergency situations, you can request assistance at the push of a dedicated button which opens up an audio line.

The Savox remote speaker microphone (RSM) with a push-to-talk button can be worn with an earpiece and can include an emergency button. The light Savox PTT device (GP-340) is ergonomic, robust and water resistant (IP54) with many earpiece options, in mono or stereo. No charging is needed and the replaceable battery lasts up to one year. The almost invisible earpiece features an acoustic tube and is an elegant light weight solution.

The helmet compatible BT headset can be attached to a selection of helmet models. The ear covering is specifically designed to protect your ears in noisy environments, and the Bluetooth connection makes it easy to use any phone or workpad.

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