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Nokia Visual Position and Object Detection


About the solution

Real time Visual Position and Object Detection enables industries with tagless tracking and positioning.

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Fixed camera-based tracking for a high-level view of your industrial site

Every industry can benefit from tracking and positioning solutions. It’s crucial to understand how workers navigate a campus, how automated machines execute tasks and which paths they follow, how the ecosystem operates, how hazards and emergencies can be avoided, or in case of such an event, how to react and locate those in need rapidly.

Nokia Visual Position and Object Detection provides industries with a tracking and positioning solution that is tag-less and that can leverage existing camera systems. It can be trained to detect anything on site without being intrusive.


  • Tagless tracking of people and objects 
  • Can track anything it is trained to 
  • Provides low latency capabilities used with MX Grid 
  • Works with existing camera systems, connected to MX Grid 
  • Flexible system that can be combined with other positioning apps
Industrial use case

How will Nokia Position and Object Detection benefit your business?

Improved visibility of industrial site activities

Understanding the movements of machines and people can provide greater awareness around operational processes, potential bottlenecks and issues.

High asset availability and utilization

Tracking an item’s location can cut the time spent searching for it and improve asset utilization.

Increased worker safety

By identifying the locations of vehicles and workers potential collisions can be avoided. In an emergency, automated alerts ensure quick response so people and assets can be reached more rapidly.

How does Visual Position and Object Detection work?

Visual Position and Object Detection relies on the hyperconnected micro edge MX Grid, which hosts the latency-sensitive and compute-intense applications. Video feeds are pre-processed, and only relevant data is shared with the app running on Nokia MX Industrial Edge to update the real time environment model.


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