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Modular Private Wireless

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About the solution

With a 4.9G/LTE and 5G Modular Private Wireless network you can meet the connectivity and application demands of small to very large industrial sites and field area networks – both indoor and outdoor. Are you a mobile operator? If so, you can leverage your network operation experience and use MPW’s distributed architecture to host enterprises in dedicated, private environment.

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Take control of your digital transformation with Nokia 4.9G/LTE and 5G Modular Private Wireless

Getting seamless wireless coverage across your enterprise can be difficult due to the size of your campus, the changing environment and challenging radio conditions. Our 4.9G/LTE and 5G based private wireless solutions provide connectivity you can trust for mission and business use cases, delivering:



Deploy private wireless your way

Design a private wireless network that meets the unique demands of your business and industry. MPW gives you the flexibility to support centralized or distributed network architectures and a variety of deployment scenarios including fully autonomous sites, distributed sites with a central core, local breakout and subscriber database synchronization and partnerships with a communication service provider to leverage existing infrastructure or roaming agreements

Modular and customizable

Benefit from a wide variety of services to address your diverse use case needs including mission critical wireless data connectivity, voice over LTE (VoLTE), mission critical push to talk/video (MC-PTT/PTV), NB-IoT services and industrial digitalization capabilities with Nokia MX Industrial Edge

Highly scalable and versatile

You can start small with MPW Lite and scale up easily with 100% investment protection to support up to up to 100,000 connected devices. MPW can be deployed on various ruggedized hardware to fit a wide range of use cases in harsh environments, particularly but not limited to the Defense industry.

High availability and system reliability

Different architectures offer support for your diverse reliability requirements such as local high availability (HA) and geo redundant architecture

Private wireless from the #1 vendor

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Better and more reliable performance

  • Best in class radio technology from a leading telecom vendor
  • Undisputed small cell leader
  • Proven to deliver the best performance even in the most challenging industrial environments
  • Thousands of private wireless networks already in operation supporting business- and mission-critical use cases

Success stories

Control room

Beyond private wireless with a full digitalization platform

  • Get the OT edge by adding Nokia Industrial Edge to enable local industrial 4.0 use cases
  • Access a large catalog of Nokia and 3rd party industrial digitalization applications
  • Onboard your own OT app
  • Benefit from integrated industrial protocols and cloud connectors

Discover MX Industrial Edge

Global private wireless data

Industry preferred, most adopted private wireless solution

  • Recognized by all top analysts as the undisputed leading private wireless vendor
  • Over 50% private wireless customer market share
  • 30+ years of enterprise critical networking experience
  • 730+ private wireless customers in all industrial segments
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Extend services with enterprise VoLTE and MC-PTT/PTV

Implement voice and rich communication services on your private wireless network to support critical use cases and increase the customer/user experience to carrier-grade level.

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Problems solved

I can't get good coverage using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access points on high ceilings are unable to provide sufficient indoor and outdoor coverage since the area is too large

My current solution does not provide reliable performance

Despite adding more Wi-Fi APs and tweaking network parameters, my employees are still frustrated about lagging applications and use case bugs, even in areas of coverage.

Mobility is a problem. Wi-Fi handover cannot keep up with my mobile asset (AMRs, forklift trucks, etc) connectivity needs.

Wi-Fi is unable to support mobility, which leads to latency peaks when handing over from one access point to another.

I need to connect more workers, machines and other assets to Wi-Fi to enable new use cases but I'm worried it won't support the increased load

My Wi-Fi network is overloaded and adding more access points or new channels will only degrade performance given the increased interference that it will create.

How MPW works

The MPW solution is comprised of mandatory and optional components. Mandatory components include a selection of indoor/outdoor 4.9/LTE & 5G radio portfolio, the Compact Mobility Unit which implements 4G/5G core network and IP transport to interconnect the components. Optional components include Network management (MantaRay NM), Group Communication (GC), Enterprise Voice Core (EVC) and MX Industrial Edge (MXIE), all of which you can easily deploy for maximum benefit to digitalize your enterprise .

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Customer success stories

Use case: Finland’s Posiva was the first company in the world to build a safe disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel. Its latest process innovation involves transporting waste through underground tunnels with remote-controlled vehicles and autonomous robots to keep human operators safe. That required a highly reliable network that could function nearly half a kilometer below the surface of the Earth.

Use case: Brazilian electric power utility, Elektro, wanted to increase grid reliability and sought a robust solution to connect the necessary IoT devices to enable grid automation.



Use case: Sempra, a leading US developer of renewable energy, wanted to connect sensors to monitor data and the health of wind turbine pitch mechanisms and assembly




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