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Modular Private Wireless

Take control of your digital transformation

Boost productivity, increase automation, enhance safety and security

With our 5G-ready Modular Private Wireless (MPW) solution, you can build and deploy private 4.9G/LTE and 5G networks for small to very large industrial sites and field area networks. It includes indoor and outdoor solutions that let you meet the connectivity and application demands of your Industry 4.0 strategy. If you are a mobile operator, you can also use MPW to offer secure MVNO services nationwide.

Deploy private wireless your way

Design a wireless network that meets the unique demands of your business and industry. MPW gives you the flexibility to support centralized or distributed network architectures and a variety of deployment scenarios, including:

  • Fully autonomous industrial sites with 100 percent local deployments
  • Distributed sites with a centralized core in your headquarters
  • Connected industrial sites that support transparent roaming between your private network and public mobile networks
  • Partnering with your CSP leveraging its existing radio or core infrastructure

We complement your MPW solution with our business-critical IP/MPLS, optical, wireless backhaul and optical LAN solutions and a full range of professional services. The result is a customized end-to-end solution that can address your exact requirements.


Capacity and scalability to securely connect your machines, sensors, and workers

Assurance that every application and user receive the right network access, priority and performance

Control proprietary data and keep it on your premises

Supports most of today’s industrial applications

Leverage advanced 5G connectivity for your most demanding industrial use cases

Option to start small with MPW Lite, requiring minimum upfront investment and scale as needed

Solution elements

Small cells and macro cells

Nokia Flexi Zone and AirScale radio platforms provides the widest wireless connectivity options for various industrial use cases. Our small cells provide secure, low-latency, high-capacity wireless connectivity indoors and outdoors. Each cell delivers consistent, predictable performance for hundreds of simultaneous connections. You can add our macro base stations to extend coverage over longer distances.

Enterprise core

Nokia Compact Mobility Unit (CMU) is an enterprise packet core that performs the same functions as a mobile operator’s 4.9G/LTE evolved packet core and 5G next generation core network. It runs on our high-capacity servers and supports redundant deployments that ensure network resiliency and service continuity.

To enable clientless voice and video communication on standard LTE devices, you can add ourNokia enterprise voice core (EVC). The EVC integrates with mission-critical push-to-talk (PTT) or push-to-video (PTV) services and can replace legacy campus voice solutions.

Or choose Nokia Group Communications if you want to support critical PTT or PTV services on one 4.9G/LTE network and reduce your reliance on legacy PMR networks.

Single operations and management

Nokia MPW includes a full-fledged local element management system (EMS)NetAct. The EMS makes it easy to operate and manage your end-to-end system. It also provides access to advanced configuration settings so you can fine-tune the performance of your network to meet the requirements of your applications.

Industrial applications

Choose from our selection of industrial applications available for easy deployment through the integration of Nokia MX Industrial Edge. Combined with Nokia MPW, you’ll have a comprehensive solution that provides resilience and security with the highest compute and networking performance required for Industry 4.0 use-cases.

Browse application catalog here.

Modular Private Wireless

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