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Industrial applications

Are you looking for ways to gain new business insights, assist real-time decision-making and advance your digital transformation? With Nokia industrial application portfolio, you can select from a compelling set of capabilities to make your business more efficient, safe, secure and sustainable. Browse our portfolio to get started on the right path to achieving your transformation goals. Filter by industry, categories and usage type to find the application that will satisfy your unique requirements. You can even uncover ruggedized devices that will complement many of our offerings.

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How can industrial applications help your business?



With industrial applications deployed on the Nokia MX Industrial Edge, you can choose to adopt industrial grade private wireless together with industrial applications from which you can enable many mission- and business-critical Industry 4.0 use cases across your operations. These include preventive maintenance, energy management, worker safety and many other digital enablers that bring value beyond connectivity.

Bringing value beyond connectivity


Benefit from an intelligent edge for data driven use cases

The Nokia MXIE ecosystem neutral approach provides the ability to leverage a mix of applications deployed at the edge enabling intelligent shop floor operations and allowing data sharing across the enterprise. Specific Nokia and partner applications will collect, aggregate, normalize and analyze data across the enterprise and where necessary, connect to other cloud providers’ ecosystems. This enables advanced use cases such as AI, GenAI and digital twins. We categorize these digital enablers into collections, including industrial connectors, cloud connectors and IIoT edge applications.


Ecosystem neutral apps to enable use cases

We offer you optimum flexibility to implement use cases with our ecosystem neutral approach. Choose from our selection of Nokia and partner applications to address your connectivity, worker safety, IIoT and digital twin, connected worker, security and other needs. We also provide connections to other ecosystems to cater to our customers’ evolving requirements.


Preconfigured for easy deployment on Nokia MXIE

Adopt as a service and benefit from automated lifecycle management

Enable mission critical use cases with high performance, resilient and secure Nokia MX Industrial Edge computing power

Access a continuously growing ecosystem-neutral set of digital enablers from Nokia and third parties

Cut through IoT complexity and unlock the value of OT data by connecting to industrial and public cloud providers and ISVs

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