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Applications to accelerate your digital transformation

Advance your digital transformation with the help of powerful digital enablers available through the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog.   These applications ensure that you can leverage your edge computing power to make your enterprise more efficient, agile, safe and sustainable.  Many of these applications allow you to gather critical business insights by connecting OT assets and analyzing data to facilitate optimal decision making.   Whatever your industry or use case, we offer applications that can accelerate your digital transformation in categories such as connectivity, video analytics, IIoT, digital twins, communications, connected workers, industrial and cloud connectivity and much more.

Choose from among Nokia industrial applications instantly deployable on the Nokia MX Industrial Edge. Benefit from our edge-as-a-service model with a high-performance, resilient, and secure edge architecture designed to meet the mission-critical needs of asset-intensive industrial environments.

Our ecosystem neutral approach gives you the freedom to choose from a wide selection of both Nokia and third-party partner applications and leverage edge innovations from public cloud, industrial partner cloud and industrial independent software vendors (ISV). You can easily deploy a variety of pre-configured applications from the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog onto the on-premises MX Industrial Edge. Benefit from this as-a-service offering with automated lifecycle management. Nokia MXIE developer portal (MXIE depo) will facilitate application development, providing an enhanced developer experience and tools to enable faster and smoother application onboarding.

We are continually assessing the digitalization needs of industries and refreshing the application catalog choices with new applications from Nokia and our partners.  You can find our applications in the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog.

Wireless connectivity


Solution O&M

Video analytics

Tracking and positioning

Robotics & mechatronics

Connected worker & XR

Enterprise security

Industrial connectivity

IIoT & digital twin

Video enabler

Cloud connectivity

Access an ecosystem neutral set of digital enablers from Nokia and third parties

Cut through IoT complexity and unlock the value of OT data by connecting to industrial and public cloud providers and ISVs

Enable mission critical use cases with highly resilient Nokia MX Industrial Edge

As-a-service offering with automated lifecycle management

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