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Nokia DAC PW Compact

Wave goodbye to coverage gaps in your warehouse

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5G is no longer out of your reach

Today the logistics sector in the US is losing an estimated 664 million USD of revenue through poor connectivity (ABI research). Nokia DAC PW Compact enables operators of warehouses and micro-fulfillment centers to transition to high performance 5G private wireless. That means better, more reliable coverage inside and out for all your mission critical operations.

Stay connected

Powerful 5G technology gives you seamless connectivity throughout your warehouse – and beyond.

Keep costs low

Our 5G solution is competitively priced compared to other wireless solutions in terms of total cost of ownership.

Rely on Nokia

As the undisputed leader in private wireless, you can count on Nokia solutions to deliver top performance.

Why step up to 5G private wireless?

5G technology means you can optimize warehouse performance in terms of automation and asset tracking.


Performance you can count on

Efficient warehouses depend on efficient automation – and that needs mission critical communications. Whatever the network demands, our solution keeps communications open.

The 5G advantage

By prioritizing radio resources, 5G guarantees the performance of mission-critical applications even when the network is heavily loaded.

Nokia DAC PW Compact - Performance you can count on

Nokia DAC PW Compact - Deep dive: Multi-user capacity



Your affordable route to digitalization of your warehouse

Traditionally 5G has been a solution for bigger warehouses and industrial sites. Nokia DAC PW Compact redefines what’s possible.

Wifi vs DAC PW compact

5G performance. Wi-Fi costs.

You need fewer access points than in a Wi-Fi network. That means lower installation costs, energy consumption, and operational costs.

As easy to use as Wi-Fi

With its automated operation, Nokia DAC PW Compact takes just minutes to deploy, integrate, and get up and running.

Nokia DAC PW Compact - Plug & Play Installation


Pay as you go. Pay as you grow!

Simple subscription payments mean no upfront investment. Then you can easily scale up as your warehousing needs develop. For example, using our MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) you could transform your private wireless solution into a full platform for digital transformation.

Problems solved


How can I end patchy coverage?

Effective asset tracking depends on comprehensive network coverage.

I need to improve my network’s quality of service

Higher reliability and faster response times improve business performance.

My automated vehicles lose connection on the move

Maintaining a strong signal from one end of the warehouse to the other is crucial.

Scaling up can be a challenge

As your business grows you need a solution that will grow with you.

Digitalize your business with Nokia DAC compact

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How it works

Our 5G private wireless solution has just three components: 5G access points or ‘small cells’, our edge solution which connects everything together, and the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud which puts you in full control.


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DAC PW Compact: Overview

AirScale Shikra ASiR

Featuring distributed architecture for best performance and future proofing

AirScale Shikra indoor radio: ASiR - pRRH

  • Compact solution for concurrent 4G+5G multi-RAT and multi-band indoor deployment 
  • Proven plug & play for light touch install 
  • Best performance vs. size 
  • Direct fronthaul to BBU 
  • Up to 4x 250mW Tx output power 
  • Integrated/external antenna option for deployment flexibility 
  • Carrier-grade software quality

Discover product

AirScale Shikra micro RRH

Baseband unit

Edge solution

Nokia DAC manager

Industry’s favorite private networking solution

Nokia has an impressive track record of helping enterprises of all sizes to create networks that optimize business performance. When choosing to transition to a 5G solution, you can be sure you’re in safe hands with us.

Undisputed leader

Recognized by top analysts as the undisputed leader in private wireless*

* Stefan Pongratz - Vice President , Dell’Oro Group

Matchless experience

30+ years of enterprise critical networking experience

Proven performance

600+ private wireless customers across all industrial sectors

Available from trusted partners

Initially available in the US leveraging CBRS spectrum, Nokia DAC PW compact is available exclusively through an extensive network of Nokia certified resellers and system integration partners. These include Future Technologies, Graybar, DXC and Trilogy.

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Make your warehouse perform to the max 

Contact us now to find out how Nokia DAC Compact could maximize the true potential of your small/medium sized warehouse operations.


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1. Order

Choose the configuration option that suits your needs.

2. Install

Our partners will deliver and install your solution within a matter of weeks.

3. Operate

Manage your warehouse like never before – and scale up your network whenever you want.

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