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Nokia Industrial device management

Nokia Industrial device management

Nokia Industrial device management

Nokia Industrial device management provides an easy, secure way to deploy and administer Nokia Industrial devices. Manage your entire fleet of smart and IoT devices with an application that is built into Nokia private 4.9G/LTE and 5G wireless network solutions.

Benefit from zero-touch and rapid onboarding of your Nokia Industrial phones, routers, dongles and other devices.

Nokia Industrial device management for smart devices

Once a smart device has been onboarded you can reach out to an employee wherever they are and remotely resolve an issue. You can disable access to apps and websites that may adversely impact business confidentiality or productivity. You can push apps and content to mobile devices in the background, and configure, update and track app usage. Gain a bird’s eye view of your device inventory including information on data and app usage, operating systems, active devices, battery percentage and more.

Nokia Industrial device management for IoT devices

All Nokia Industrial devices are built with software that allows them to automatically connect to Nokia Industrial device management eliminating the need to configure this in the field. Policies allow you to control the directives that are sent to the device upon connection. You can send new configuration settings or manage over the air device upgrades to the latest firmware. A clear dashboard and reports allow you to see which devices are active and when were they onboarded, as well as current and historical data usage. Devices that transmit their location can be viewed on a map with geo fencing capabilities that alert you when a device enters or exits a virtual boundary (geo fence). Because it is already integrated with Nokia Private Wireless solutions there is nothing to deploy, maintain or upgrade.

Work efficiently with Nokia Industrial device management

Smart devices in your enterprise can be managed either by a corporate policy or a dual policy, which allows users to access both work and personal information on the same device. Those devices used only for corporate purposes can be tracked, allowing administrators to locate employees, thereby increasing their safety when working in large and hazardous areas.

Using policies and groups the administrator can instantly disable and distribute applications and features to distinct sets of devices to increase efficiency and security.

You can search a list of IoT devices, and drill down to a single device to view and change its status and parameters or manage firmware upgrades and other tasks at an appropriate time for users, by setting them up in a queue.

Why choose Nokia Industrial device management

As an administrator, you can view the status of any device and make changes remotely, including:

  • view network usage by device including uplink / downlink bytes and rates, pinpoint the device location and see other devices connected to it
  • lock and wipe a device to keep data secure when it is lost or stolen
  • define accepted and forbidden applications and features
  • set and change parameters.

Nokia Industrial device management is an integral part of Nokia Private Wireless solutions, allowing a single administrator to control and secure hundreds of devices.

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