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Nokia Enterprise Services

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About the solution

Nokia enterprise services help you leverage the full potential of private wireless connectivity, on-premise edge computing, industrial applications, and devices.

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Ensure a high performance private wireless network from day one

Get the best out of your private wireless network with support from our Nokia Enterprise Services. We’ll help you with the design, deployment, optimization and management to get things up and running instantly.

With Nokia Enterprise Services, you can leverage our extensive telecom experience to help ensure optimal network performance and use case implementation.

Nokia has deployed over 700+ private wireless networks across 5 continents - from dense urban environments to harsh, remote off-grid locations. These networks support mission-critical operations for railways, ports, mines, and manufacturers delivering machine information, data, and voice services.

Why Nokia Enterprise Services?

Faster time to market

Leverage Nokia industry and telecom experts to deliver commercial and private networks worldwide.

Single point of contact

One partner for end-to-end use cases allows for focus on delivering business value, such as efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Extreme reliability

Benefit from world class network operations delivered locally or remotely from Nokia’s global network operations centers ensuring mission-critical performance.

Scalable and flexible

Our business models support the evolution of your enterprise network and business.

Smooth integration

Seamless integration into your existing environment; with application/service migration over your new private wireless network.

Enterprise Services Offering

The Nokia Enterprise Services portfolio covers every phase of the private wireless networking, from early planning through to operating and troubleshooting the live network. Take advantage of our segment blueprints designed for verticals transportation, utilities, mining, and industrial sites.

Connectivity and beyond

Focus on campus networks and product-attached services.

Lifecycle services

Ensure network performance and delivery from planning through to operations, driving simplicity through standardization and improving the customer experience.

Blueprint solutions

Created to provide tested and proven reference architecture for vertical segments and use cases.

Standalone solutions

Applications and services that accelerate industry digitalization, speeding the introduction of new capabilities and reducing operational complexity.


Tailor-made solutions focusing on industrial use cases that ensure worker safety and connectivity, automated surveillance, and remote operations.

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