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Port terminal operations

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Digitalization platform for enhanced productivity, safety and sustainability

Port operators are under growing pressure to increase productivity as the volume of shipping trade increases, ensure the safety of their workers in highly congested yards and meet ambitious sustainability goals to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Nokia’s port terminal solutions provide operators with an integrated digital automation platform that can help them optimize container terminal productivity safely and sustainably — and prepare them to compete in the new digital age of transportation and logistics.

New Nokia Industrial 5G devices keep teams safe and connected

EX-rated* developed by MOBILE and designed to handle the harshest port conditions. Offered “as-a-Service” with dedicated PTT and SOS keys.

Industry 4.0 Maturity Index

Get the instant benchmark scores of your digitalization maturity and readiness with our self-assessment tool, co-created with leading analyst firm ABI Research.

Realize the potential of Port 4.0

Enable port terminal automation

Industry 4.0 technologies can power your automated and remote-control operations. Manage growing container volumes, optimize end-to-end workflows and accurately track terminal assets (and their condition) in real-time. Get the performance and low latency you need for Port 4.0 use cases such as incident detection with video analytics, machine automation of cargo handling equipment such as RTGs and straddle carriers, container ID recognition, drone inspections and more.

Be more productive, safe and sustainable

Our innovative smart port solutions integrate connectivity, IoT, edge computing and machine learning technologies. They include digital applications such as digital twins, workflow and video analytics, smart traffic management, drone inspections in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, and sensors for worker and environmental monitoring to create terminals that are more productive, safe and sustainable.

Improve operational efficiency and collaboration

Streamline your cargo shipping operations with secure, reliable data communications. Move on from private mobile radio (PMR) and equip your staff with advanced push-to-talk (PTT), push-to-video (PTV), group calling and other dynamic communication capabilities. By replacing a patchwork of networks with one platform that supports all communications, terminal operators can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 27 percent while increasing operational efficiency and productivity by up to 11 percent.* 

*Source: Bell Labs Consulting

Enhance ship-to-shore communications

Keep ships connected and support data-driven use cases with fast, secure wireless communications. Our solutions provide high-range antennas that connect ships with mobile networks on shore. We also provide capabilities that enable ships to benefit from bandwidth aggregation and higher levels of quality of service (QoS) and security.


The business case for port digitalization

A fully optimized port terminal through digitalization improves throughput, reduces the number of unnecessary moves and improves capacity to onboard new customers.

An effective analysis requires a deep dive into multiple factors that affect operational efficiency. Nokia offers a comprehensive, customized tool to help you analyze and quantify the benefits of digitalization for your port terminal. Find out more

Simplify Industry 4.0 operations

Industry 4.0 operations that fuse physical and digital processes require a reliable communications platform — one that can connect everything from vehicles and sensors to mobile workers in the most flexible, affordable and secure way.

By digitalizing your operations, you can easily transform data into insights to become more agile and proactive. Adopt remote and autonomous technologies, powered by advanced intelligence, to enable highly collaborative, hybrid work environments and real-time responses.

The Nokia One Platform helps address your operational needs and simplify your Port 4.0 transformation.


A mission-critical private 4.9G/LTE or 5G wireless network that helps digitalize your operational technology (OT) systems to make them more agile and resilient, integrative with the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure that provides reliable connectivity for IT systems and non-business-critical OT use cases


Nokia DAC     Nokia MX Boost    Nokia DAC Wi-Fi

On-premises edge

Industrial devices

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Why choose Nokia to automate your port?

  • Deploy solutions that draw on our 30-plus years of experience in building innovative mission-critical enterprise networks.
  • Collaborate with a trusted partner that has worked with transportation and logistics companies around the world.
  • Address your unique needs by choosing from the industry’s broadest portfolio of networking products.
  • Stay ahead of competitors and market trends with the latest innovations and insights from Nokia Bell Labs.

Compare the costs for private wireless and Wi-Fi for your port operations

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Nokia Industrial devices connect people and machines

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