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MX Workmate

MX Workmate

OT compliant Gen AI solution for Connected workers

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Empower your workers to talk to the machines

Nokia MX Workmate is the first solution on the market to adapt generative artificial intelligence (AI) large language model (LLM) technology to OT environments to ensure your workers can communicate with all connected machines. It works through seamless onboarding of all enablers to the Nokia MX Industrial Edge, an OT-compliant on-premises edge compute solution.  

Nokia MX Workmate provides APIs to communicate with applications that serve queries and send real-time contextual information using natural-sounding easy to-understand, human language.

Nokia MX Workmate will be available at the end of 2024.

Use cases


Real-time information to workforce

Get production status and analytics regarding identified preventive maintenance tasks and reporting forms

Increased workforce capabilities 

Get contextual documentation queries without the need for manual search of electronic documentation

In case of emergency

Get actionable alerts and messages to workforce immediately


Drive productivity

Boost productivity, efficiency and quality by delivering real-time contextual data to connected workers in form of human friendly messages

Empower your workers

Improve connected worker capabilities with relevant and customized information

Mitigate risks

Increase worker safety and reduce risk with easy to understand and actionable alerts

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