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Accelerate digital transformation in the Oil and Gas industry

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Boost productivity, improve worker safety and improve sustainability throughout your operations.

Digitalization challenges for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical companies

The oil and gas industry faces unique challenges as it looks to keep pace in an ever-evolving and highly competitive global market. Often operating in harsh or complex environments, they must find ways to optimize operations and boost efficiency while also protecting worker safety and security. At the same time, sustainability goals have to be met, including those related to carbon emissions.

Four digital transformation challenges for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical companies

  • Optimize operations
  • Enhance safety and security measures
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Reduce carbon emissions and sustainability.

How Oil and Gas Industry 4.0 can help

Industry 4.0 technologies have the potential to redefine the oil and gas industry. But navigating the complexities of digital transformation in oil and gas while ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure isn’t easy. From managing vast amounts of data to safeguarding critical assets, the journey to oil and gas Industry 4.0 can be daunting.

How can you realize the full potential of Oil and Gas Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 technologies can transform your operations by providing more control over how you track and manage your assets, enhancing safety and compliance measures, increasing data transparency and generating more meaningful insights from your data, improving overall operating efficiency, and more.

By combining new applications and devices with pervasive, reliable wireless connectivity and edge computing, Industry 4.0 makes it easy for people, processes, sensors and legacy machines to work as one — and in doing so, improve your business outcomes.

How Nokia can help you to implement Oil and Gas Industry 4.0

At Nokia, we understand the digitalization needs of oil and gas enterprises — and can provide tailored solutions that empower you to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0.

By sharing our expertise and industry knowledge as a trusted partner, we will help you overcome obstacles and succeed in the digital era.

Make your oil & gas operations work as one

85% of private wireless network early adopters see decreased costs and energy consumption,while 79% can expect a return on investment within six months.

How to harness the power of oil and gas Industry 4.0

Oil and Gas Industry 4.0 use cases

Industry 4.0 brings many exciting opportunities for oil and gas companies: from real-time monitoring, automation and process optimization to predictive maintenance and rich group communications. But you can’t take full advantage of these technologies by relying on Wi-Fi and legacy application-specific networks such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), two-way radio (TETRA, P25) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

What it takes to digitally transform oil and gas operations

To digitalize and automate your operations, you need a flexible and reliable networking platform that:

  • Meets the high performance, reliability and security requirements of your mission-critical operational technology (OT)
  • Supports high-bandwidth edge computing applications while protecting your industrial data
  • Provides robust connectivity and real-time monitoring for all industrial devices, video cameras, IoT sensors, machines and vehicles
  • Collects data from industrial IoT (IIoT) sensors and transforms it into operational insights and supports autonomous actions
  • Eases your oil and gas digital transformation by avoiding any disruptions to your day-to-day operations
  • Deploys, operates and integrates effortlessly with your existing networks and assets
  • Works seamlessly with the Wi-Fi networks you rely on for basic IT connectivity.

Nokia’s industrial connectivity solutions can help you drive digital transformation in oil and gas — so you can enhance operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

Where does the oil and gas industry land on the Industry 4.0 Maturity Index?

65.2 / 100

technological maturity


Oil and gas companies are on the cusp of a pathway to the industrial metaverse, but still have significant opportunities to advance their technological maturity and use case deployment. 

Find out more in our report jointly published with ABI research.

70.5 / 100

use case deployment


Want to benchmark your own operations against your peers in the oil and gas industry — and get instant feedback on your company’s results?  

Take the Industry 4.0 Maturity Index assessment.

Drive your digital transformation in oil and gas

Maximize the benefits of Industry 4.0 in your oil and gas facilities with the Nokia One Platform for Industrial Digitalization. It includes four key components to seamlessly connect your devices, personnel and machinery:

Together, these capabilities help ensure collaborative and secure operations while enhancing efficiency and sustainability throughout your organization.

Industrial-grade connectivity

With our comprehensive range of wireless connectivity solutions, you can confidently optimize efficiency and productivity in your operations while overcoming the challenges of digitalization.

Cutting-edge private 4.9G/LTE and 5G solutions provide the pervasive, flexible and mission-critical connectivity your operations need to thrive in the digital era.

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) lets you complement private wireless with Wi-Fi 6/6E to meet your diverse connectivity needs.


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Mission-critical industrial edge

Digital application

Industrial devices

Ensure worker safety and stay compliant in high-risk environments

Nokia's 5G devices offer advanced monitoring, alerts, and predictive analytics tailored to the Oil & Gas industry.

New Nokia 5G Devices built for chemicals

Why choose Nokia One platform for your Industry 4.0 digitalization journey?

  • Put in place efficient one-to-one or one-to-many communication applications for more productive collaboration.
  • Leverage predictive maintenance to reduce costs and optimize resource utilization.
  • Model and analyze data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to make faster decisions and optimize processes.
  • Boost operational efficiency with expanded site and plant automation.
  • Improve asset tracking and quality assurance for greater workforce safety and productivity.

With our in-depth expertise and industry knowledge, Nokia is the partner of choice for digital transformation in the oil and gas industry. Our tailored solutions will help you overcome any digitalization obstacle and unlock the full potential of oil and gas Industry 4.0.

Want more insights about how to embrace Industry 4.0 at your energy plant? Check out our new eBook, which describes best practices and use cases to drive productivity, sustainability and worker safety.


One platform for industrial digitalization by Nokia

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