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Nokia DAC Wi-Fi

Power your non-critical OT applications with the newest Wi-Fi technology

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About the solution

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud Wi-Fi (DAC Wi-Fi) makes it easy to deploy Wi-Fi 6/6E to meet the connectivity demands of IT and non-business-critical operational technology (OT) applications at any industrial site. Offered as a service, Nokia DAC Wi-Fi runs on the Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE).

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How Wi-Fi can complement your private wireless network

If you have already deployed our industrial-grade private wireless solution, you can use Nokia DAC Wi-Fi as a complementary capacity layer at hotspot locations for non-business critical operations. The added Wi-Fi layer uses the connectivity-agnostic capabilities of Nokia MX Industrial Edge to ensure that all data from your connected assets can be processed on your premises.

Nokia DAC Wi-Fi



Keep costs in check

Optimize total cost of ownership with a scalable hybrid commercial model. Access points supplied by merchant, subscription fee, free spectrum and legacy asset support.

Optimal performance

Ensure consistent application performance with Wi-Fi ; cellular interworking capabilities that always choose the best connectivity layer via MX Boost.

MX Boost

Simplify network operations

Manage all your wireless connectivity layers seamlessly using the same, cloud-based Nokia DAC Manager.

High availability

Your Wi-Fi network always up and running due to edge centric Wi-Fi management architecture.

Private wireless from the #1 vendor

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Leading private wireless solution - Nokia DAC

  • Best in class radio technology from a leading telecom vendor
  • Undisputed small cell leader
  • Proven real life best performance even in the most difficult industrial environments
  • Thousands of private wireless networks in operation supporting business- and mission-critical use cases

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Beyond private wireless with a full digitalization platform

  • OT edge (MXIE) addition to enable local industrial 4.0 use case processing
  • Large catalog of Nokia and 3rd party industrial digitalization applications
  • Onboard your own OT app
  • Integrated industrial protocols and cloud connectors

Discover MX Industrial Edge

Global private wireless data

Industry preferred and most adopted PW solution

  • Recognized by all top analysts as the undisputed leading private wireless vendor
  • Over 50% private wireless customer market share
  • 30 + years of enterprise critical networking experience
  • 730 + private wireless customers in all industrial segments
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Combine wireless technologies with MX Boost

Nokia MX Boost lets you combine multiple radio technologies and spectrum to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity for your business- and mission-critical industrial applications.

MX Boost

How DAC Wi-Fi works

Nokia DAC Wi-Fi is an edge centric Wi-Fi solution consisting of Radio, MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) and the Nokia DAC Manager. MXIE provides Nokia DAC Wi-Fi management and authentication functions as containerized applications. Where Wi-Fi and private wireless deployments coexist, MXIE runs the LTE/5G core and provides cellular Wi-Fi interworking functions. MXIE is designed to run OT application processes on-premises and unify all industrial OT computing needs. The addition of Wi-Fi continues this approach, with expanded connectivity-agnostic capabilities ensuring that MXIE can process all data from connected assets.



Access points

  • Products are manufactured and sold by Askey Corporation
  • Nokia provides the access points together with the rest of the network
  • The set-up allows for competitive pricing without compromising Nokia DAC network quality and top Wi-Fi experience

Indoor Access point

  • Wi-Fi 6/6E 
  • 4 x 4 SU/MU MIMO 
  • FCC and CE certified 
  • Dual/Tri-band support (802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax) 
  • WPA2/WPA3 
  • PoE+ and DC power input supported 
  • In-built coordinated radio resource management

Outdoor Access point

  • Wi-Fi 6 
  • 2 x 2 SU/MU MIMO 
  • FCC and CE certified 
  • Dual/Tri-band support (802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax) 
  • WPA2/WPA3 
  • PoE+ and DC power input supported 
  • In-built coordinated radio resource management


How to buy DAC Wi-Fi?

  • Available directly from Nokia or Nokia partners

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What industry analysts say about Nokia Wi-Fi?

“The addition of Wi-Fi to Nokia’s private wireless and MX industrial edge solutions is a natural evolution that allows Nokia to offer enterprises a single platform that unifies Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity for the enterprises’ future Industry 4.0 needs.”
Michele Mackenzie
Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason

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