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Nokia Segment Solutions

Your blueprint for seamless private wireless and use case deployment

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With Nokia Segment Solutions you can deploy private wireless quickly and easily to implement your key vertical segment use cases and benefit from day one.

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Maximize your industry use case potential with Nokia Segment Solutions


A growing number of enterprises across industries are deploying private connectivity solutions to enable and benefit from data sharing between devices, machines, people, and systems. As networks are ramped up, challenges can arise when connecting legacy systems and integrating devices and applications that have not been pre-tested. This can lead to integration difficulties and delays to the network launch, in turn delaying the improvements required to deliver real value to existing operations.

To address this, accelerate deployment and ensure network performance and quality, Nokia has created segment solutions for specific vertical industries. These serve as blueprints for the deployment of private wireless networks, including the deployment of applications and devices to enable various industry specific use cases.

Industrial Solutions

How will Nokia Segment Solutions benefit your business?

Faster time to market

Your blueprints to efficient digital transformation and competitive advantage.

Seamless technology introduction

Access a wide range of pre-deployed and tested network setups, hardware, and recommended set of applications and devices.

Increased productivity

Benefit from day one by leveraging the private wireless architecture and recommended use case configurations.

Reliable, validated architecture

Nokia Segment Solutions support multiple industry-specific use cases.

Spotlight on:

Nokia Segment Solution for Manufacturing and Logistics

Nokia Segment Solution for Manufacturing and Logistics offers enterprises a complete package with predefined private wireless architecture, including connectivity, edge, apps and services to deploy exact use cases delivering benefits from day one. The use cases are implemented with our Nokia Digital Automation Cloud private wireless solution, and support applications for Automated Guided Vehicles, Augmented Workers, Machine Sensing and Voice and Video communication.

Segment solution

What is included in Nokia segment solutions?

Building blocks of nokia segment solutions

Why choose Nokia Segment Solutions?

Benefit from Nokia’s telco expertise across commercial and private networks.

Deploy a complete pretested and validated architecture, including connectivity, edge, devices, apps and services.

Perform ROI planning, ensuring your network investment meets ROI targets

Access an ecosystem of partners allowing the future evolution of wireless connectivity based apps

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