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Worker safety

Step into the new era of worker safety in manufacturing

A safer working environment is within reach

Ensuring worker safety is paramount in all industrial settings, and technology already plays an important role in solutions like smart PPE, to sensing devices for hazard detection, and alarms that warn workers of impending dangers or emergencies. And now you can build on these solutions by gaining unprecedented insight into your workplace operational conditions and worker situational awareness, to help prevent hazardous situations, reduce accident rates, and even save lives.


By harnessing the potential of automation, IoT sensory intelligence, AI and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, data analytics and more, your worker safety goals are easily within reach.

We provide a complete digitalization and communications platform to ensure worker safety can be proactively managed. Benefit from proven worker safety applications such as tele-remote and autonomous operations to separate humans from hazardous situations; drones equipped with HD cameras, thermal and imaging sensors for safety inspection; vision streams and IoT sensors for continuous optimization of situational awareness and safe working intelligence; as well as apps for predictive analysis, real-time identification, reporting and rectification of active hazards.


Join the 65% of early adopters of our platform who are reporting over 10% improvement in worker safety, with top use cases in geo-fencing, alarm handling, connected worker and robotics.

How to improve hazard detection, awareness, response and prevention

The more real-time information and intelligence your plants use to protect workers, the safer they are. Start with your top safety priorities and expand from there. A pilot project is an effective way to test solutions before site-wide rollouts.

All solutions are designed for manufacturing environments and work seamlessly with existing automation networks. They incorporate industrial-grade communications technologies and are based on a mission-critical, on-premises industrial edge. Here are just a few examples of how to enhance situational awareness, guarantee critical communications, and put data, knowledge and training to work.

Situational awareness

Give workers rich and timely sensory information about their environment, no matter where they’re working. With highly accurate object and people tracking and positioning technologies, data from intelligent IoT sensors, real-time alerts and navigational assistance using augmented reality (AR), even your newest workers or contractors can better assess the potential risks around them and make informed decisions.

Critical communications

Connect workers with push-to-voice, push-to-video and team communications so they can instantly notify, guide and support one another before, during and after incidents. Now each team member can take the right actions to protect themselves and their co-workers, and quickly resolve issues. Add campus-wide emergency announcements to ensure everyone is informed.

Data and knowledge

Utilize all the relevant data and knowledge in your organisation to increase worker safety. Generative AI (Gen AI) solutions help to identify potential health and safety risks so you can proactively prevent hazards and incidents from occurring. AR and virtual reality (VR) solutions provide realistic and immersive instructional environments so workers can complete tasks safely and efficiently.


How does GenAI and analytics improve worker safety?

GenAI finds patterns in the data from worker devices, smart PPE, IoT sensors, automation systems, applications and other OT assets plant-wide to accelerate insight into operational and safety related issues and prompt faster decision-making.

Take safety intelligence to the industrial edge 

With Nokia MX Grid, Gen AI runs on micro edge devices in your facility to process safety-related data as close to the source as possible. The power and proximity improve responsiveness for ultra-low latency use cases, reduce network loads and enable innovative new worker safety applications. 

Discover Nokia MX Grid

Identify & track objects and workers via camera video feeds 

Nokia Visual Position and Object Detection (VPOD) utilizes video as the data feed, eliminating the need to equip assets and people with powered tagging devices. Even visitors and contractors or any new assets can be tracked as soon as they enter the premises. 

Discover Nokia VPOD

Workers & machines talking the same language 

Nokia have just launched MX Workmate, the world’s first OT-compliant Gen AI solution for connected workers; it enables real-time OT data based and contextual communication between workers and machines using natural human language. 


Discover Nokia MX Workmate


Keeping workers safe with Nokia Visual Position and Object Detection

Worker safety is amongst the highest priority levels of any industrial business; it relies on a non-comprising ethos with a focus on continuous improvement. Nokia Visual Position and Object Detection enhances crucial situational awareness with intelligent, real-time safety monitoring – to keep staff, visitors and contractors safe at all times.

Webinar: Empowering the modern workforce

Learn how Nokia and DXC are providing real-world solutions that increase worker safety, foster collaboration, accelerate training and enhance productivity at industrial sites, with an emphasis on manufacturing facilities.

Our experts explain how you can benefit by combining reliable connectivity, edge computing and integrated IT and OT management through a robust ecosystem of applications to overcome critical workforce challenges.

Learn more


How secure are your campus-wide communications?

Nokia Team Comms is a cost effective and easy to implement 3GPP aligned solution that meets the need of one-to-one and one-to-many push-to-talk/video and messaging. It includes a practical web console for user management and deployment powered by a Nokia private wireless network.

Learn more


Key components of the Nokia one platform for industrial digitalization

The Nokia platform for industrial digitalization provides all the technologies you need to seamlessly shift from purely reactive responses to worker safety events to incorporate practices strategies that enhance the protection for manufacturing workers. This secure and robust orchestrated platform is delivered as a service to simplify your journey to cutting-edge worker safety and accelerate your overall transformation to Industry 4.0.

As the foundation for worker safety solutions, the Nokia one platform for industrial digitalization includes:


  • Industrial-grade 4G/5G private wireless and Wi-Fi network for seamless, highly secure, and reliable connectivity everywhere
  • Industrial edge for low latency, on-premises edge computing, and enhanced data security
  • Ruggedized devices for increased worker collaboration
  • Smart PPE for real-time worker safety information
  • Click-to-deploy applications for instant access to Industry 4.0 safety use cases

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Step into the new era of worker safety in manufacturing

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