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Nokia Team Comms

Push-to-x application for your private wireless network

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About the solution

Nokia Team Comms delivers mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) voice, video and data communications allowing teams to collaborate on one-to-one and group calls, both indoors and outdoors, across any industrial campus – including mines, ports and factories, without internet access.

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Push-to-x application for reliable and secure campus-wide communications with no internet connection required

Nokia Team Comms is a cost effective and easy-to-set-up 3GPP aligned solution that meets the need of one-to-one and one-to-many push-to-talk/video and messaging. It includes a practical web console for user management and deployment powered by a Nokia private wireless network.


  • Easy set up: simply click- to-deploy from the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog
  • Works without internet connectivity
  • Includes recording server for post event analysis
  • All data remains on-premises at the enterprise edge (Nokia MX Industrial Edge)
  • Designed to work on any Android 10+ device, pre-tested on all Nokia-supplied devices

Nokia Team Comms

Video: Connect workers with Nokia Team Comms

Why Nokia Team Comms?

Cost effective solution integrated with your private wireless network

Connects workers and teams via voice, video and text

Works without internet connectivity

Comes pre-tested with Nokia Industrial phones and accessories including support for hardkey

Audio/video calls and text messages recorded for future playback

Native Nokia MX Industrial Edge application, data stays with you on prem

Easy to deploy & Pay as you grow


Click-to-deploy from Nokia Industrial Application Catalog

Simply click to deploy on your industrial edge from the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog


Easy installation from the Android Play Store

No need to go through third party vendors, simply install Nokia Team Comms from the Android Play Store


Pay as you grow

Subscribtion-based service allows you start with as little as 50 users and grow as your user base grows, for better cost control

Problems solved

Need to improve productivity and efficiency?

Employees aren't connected across your industrial campus/factory.

Need to improve worker collaboration and decision-making?

No way for workers to connect with the colleagues they need to communicate with.

Need to enhance safety in busy environments such as ports and warehouses?

Are your employees at risk of being injured as they navigate busy environments with fast vehicles, often returning to central office just to access manual work instructions?

How it works

Nokia Team Comms allows employees to connect with each other at the touch of a button in across any industrial campus – from ports and oil and gas facilities to mines and factories.

Enhanced productivity

Push-to-x comms at the touch of a button
  • Tested on Nokia supplied devices for use of hardware button and external accessories
  • Works on any Android 10+

Inherently secure communications

Work without internet connectivity
  • The app resides within the private wireless network
  • All data remains on-premises at the enterprise edge (Nokia MXIE)

The ability to create distinct communications groups for discrete team communications

Web-based management interface
  • For easy to manage user/group admin and permissions

Getting all users on a single call for important announcements

Other key features
  • Recording server for security evidence
  • Priority call button to preempt all other calls
  • Life cycle management


Optimize worker communication and safety with Nokia Team Comms

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