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Nokia Team Comms

The push-to-x application for your private wireless network


Nokia Team Comms brings video and voice capabilities for reliable and secure campus-wide communications, for one-to-one and one-to-many push-to-talk calls, throughout industrial locations such as mines, ports and factories – both indoors and outdoors. Nokia Team Comms resides on the MXIE and thus is easy to install, upgrade and maintain.

The solution is ideal for small and medium sized deployments, where teams need reliable communications utilizing push-to-x capabilities, with the option to manage permissions for different groups and users. It’s well suited for production and other industrial sites with adverse conditions that has Nokia MX Industrial Edge deployed; it can support up to 200 simultaneous video, or 400 simultaneous audio calls. It does not limit the number of users that can have the Nokia Team Comms app installed.

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Nokia Team Comms

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