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Network Digital Twin

Nokia Network Digital Twin

Use a virtual replica of your network to make your factory more efficient and productive

Nokia Network Digital Twin answers the key questions: “what happened?” and “what is happening?” on your devices as they send critical data over the network. You can monitor your network operations in near real time and receive alerts when a device is not performing as expected, allowing you to proactively take corrective actions. This helps you increase profitability by reducing disruptions to productivity.

The solution provides a virtual representation of how your devices are experiencing your network. You can use the Network Digital Twin to:

  • View the network from the vantage point of Nokia Industrial and Android devices

  • Take recommended actions when you identify sub-optimal network performance

  • Test new scenarios without impacting the current environment

The Network Digital Twin helps you get the most out of your private wireless network on your Industry 4.0 journey. It is pre-tested with the Nokia private wireless solutions Digital Automation Cloud and Modular Private Wireless.

How can you make your production environment smarter?

Full digitalization and Industry 4.0 can only be achieved when enterprises have access to relevant data and can analyze it to improve the performance of their various processes. Business owners that have deployed private wireless networks in their factories or industrial environments often have limited network performance data which they can use to troubleshoot and resolve potential issues. With the Network Digital Twin you gain visibility into how connected devices experience your network enabling you to:

  • Understand what has happened in the network (historical data), what is happening now (real time) and what will happen if you introduce new use cases
  • Identify performance or coverage gaps before you introduce automated or semi-automated machines at your site
  • Gain valuable insights about your network's performance and how your end devices experience it
  • See fluctuations in network coverage if the topology in your environment changes, which could occur in dynamic environments such as ports and mines
  • Automate troubleshooting processes and resolve problems without having to dispatch workers to local campuses

How do you enable this powerful tool?

  • Order a subscription for Nokia Network Digital Twin 
  • Buy Nokia Industrial devices. They come pre-loaded with Nokia Network Digital Twin SW. If you have Android devices, install our app. 
  • Log into your private dashboard and begin seeing a user-friendly graphical representation of device health that leverages up to 30 KPIs for each device (IOT and smart devices). Drill down at device level for more information. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the information. Drag and drop the graphs on the dashboard so you can easily see the information that is most important to you.
  • Define thresholds for critical KPIs to get relevant alerts. You can build your own tests to narrow down issues and make them easier to address.

Why choose Nokia Network Digital Twin?

It helps to ensure continuous pervasive wireless coverage for critical operations

It improves your awareness of changing network dynamics

It shows you where your devices are and how they are experiencing the network

It supports quick and remote troubleshooting

Network Digital Twin

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