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DAC private wireless

Wireless connectivity you can trust for Industry 4.0

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About the solution

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is a private wireless solution offering seamless 4.9G/LTE & 5G coverage and deterministic connectivity performance for your OT business and mission critical operations.

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4.9G/LTE & 5G for pervasive coverage and deterministic performance

We can help you connect all your assets, machines and field workers so you can become data-driven and adopt zero-touch automation to transform your operations. With our Nokia DAC solution, you’ll get:


With the increased coverage, and capacity you get with a private wireless network, the total cost of ownership is competitive to any equivalent Wi-Fi solution. Curious to compare costs?


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DAC private wireless solution


Why DAC for private wireless?

Favorable total cost of ownership

Comparable TCO to Wi-Fi, with multiple benefits including optimal form factor, low energy consumption and operational costs

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Designed with enterprise IT in mind; easy as Wi-Fi to use

Minutes to deploy, plug and play, smooth IT integration, automated operation and cloud managed

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Scalable with minimal upfront investment

Grow as you need, easy multi-site replication, combination of business models

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High availability and system reliability

Able to operate even if internet connectivity is down,
geo-redundant option


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Economical thanks to dual mode private wireless

Depending on your country, spectrum, use case requirements and the ecosystem availability, choose your technology starting point (4.9G/LTE, 5G SA) with easy addition of 5G when required

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One connectivity platform for Wi-Fi and private wireless

While Wi-Fi 6 and future evolutions provide wireless connectivity that can be suitable for less critical OT use cases and IT needs, Nokia DAC allows you meet all wireless connectivity needs with a single system.

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Industry’s favorite private networking solution

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Optimal performance

  • Best in class radio technology from a leading telecom vendor
  • Undisputed small cell leader
  • Proven real life best performance even in the most difficult industrial environments
  • Thousands of private wireless networks in operation supporting business- and mission-critical use cases

Success stories

Control room

All you need in one digitalization platform

  • Nokia MX Industrial Edge to enable local industrial 4.0 use case processing
  • Large catalog of Nokia and 3rd party industrial digitalization applications
  • Onboard your own OT app
  • Integrated industrial protocols and cloud connectors

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Global private wireless data

Undisputed leader

  • Recognized by all top analysts as the undisputed leading private wireless vendor
  • Over 50% private wireless customer market share
  • 30 + years of enterprise critical networking experience
  • 730 + private wireless customers in all industrial segments

Combine Wi-Fi with 4.9G/LTE or 5G to boost performance

You can dramatically improve your legacy Wi-Fi performance by taking advantage of our unique Nokia MX Boost solution. It allows you to combine Wi-Fi, 4.9G/LTE and 5G, and depending on the mode chosen, increase capacity or further enhance determinism.

MX Boost

Problems solved

I can't get good coverage using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access points on high ceilings are unable to provide suficient indoor and outdoor coverage since the coverage area is too large

My current solution does not provide reliable performance

Despite adding more Wi-Fi access points and tweaking network parameters, my workers are still complaining about lagging applications and use case bugs even in coverage areas.

Mobility is a problem - Wi-Fi handover cannot keep up with the connectivity needs of my mobile assets (AMRs, forklift trucks, etc)

Wi-Fi is unable to support mobility leading to latency peaks when handing over from one access point to another

I need to connect more workers, machines and other assets to Wi-Fi to enable new use cases but I'm worried it won't support the increased load

My Wi-Fi network is overloaded and adding more access points or new channels will only degrade performance given the increased interference that it will create

How DAC private wireless works

The solution is made up of four simple components: our portfolio of indoor/outdoor 4.9G/LTE & 5G radios, our edge solution (MX Industrial Edge) that runs the core network and industrial applications processing, IP transport to interconnect the components, and a cloud-based Nokia DAC manager for easy single pane management.

Nokia DAC architecture

Designed for easy enterprise IT integration and operation, Nokia DAC private wireless is plug and play and includes everything you need to get up and running in minutes. Benefit from an easy-to-use DAC manager enterprise GUI, automated operation and cloud-based managed services provided by Nokia or other preferred partner.


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Elements & features:

Is DAC Private Wireless the right solution for your business?



How to buy?

  • Available in all markets; supports all major 3GPP spectrum bands
  • Direct from Nokia or your preferred partners (communication service providers, global system integrators,value added resellers, distributors)
  • Nokia DAC PW is available as a hybrid subscription model: CAPEX (for hardware) + OPEX (for other solution components) meaning low upfront investment and the ability scale as you need
  • The solution is tailored to your exact site and use case requirements.

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Customer success stories


Use case: Poor Wi-Fi coverage in factory & between buildings led to issues with AMR efficiency and lack of reliability prevented new use cases from being implemented.


Use case: Wireless connectivity that can reliably operate in harsh conditions where temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius and frequent blasts in an open pit mine create obstacles for mine automation

Lufthansa technik

Use case: Airline technicians have to go to Lufthansa Technik's hangar to inspect aicraft engines as no precise remote inspection is possible

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