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MX Boost

Combine different connectivity technologies - including legacy Wi-Fi - into a single, optimized wireless connectivity system

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About the solution

Nokia MX Boost lets you combine multiple radio technologies and spectrum to benefit from reliable, high-performance connectivity for your business- and mission-critical industrial applications.

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Choose the operating mode that suits your application

Intelligent algorithms and real-time link testing enable you to operate MX Boost in one of three modes based on the needs of the application you want to support. Whether your application demands higher capacity, very low latency and reliability, or requires a smooth handover, MX Boost can help, supporting through its aggregation mode, replication mode and mobility mode, respectively.

Aggregation mode

Increased radio capacity supports your resource-hungry applications. For example, video-based industrial use cases like video assisted, or remote machine control at mines, ports, and manufacturing facilities.

Replication mode

Mobility mode


Extracts maximum value from disparate multiple radio layers (4.9G, 5G …) and technologies (Wi-Fi6…) combining them into a single connection.

Optimizes reliability and performance for the most demanding industry use cases.

Enabled by a unique patented algorithm implemented in the MX Boost Gateway running on MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) and in MX Boost enabled devices.

An already proven technology offering important latency and data rate benefits.

Private wireless from the #1 vendor

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Leading private wireless solution - Nokia DAC

  • Best in class radio technology from a leading telecom vendor
  • Undisputed small cell leader
  • Proven real life best performance even in the most challenging industrial environments
  • Thousands of private wireless networks in operation supporting business- and mission-critical use cases

Discover Nokia DAC

Control room

Beyond private wireless with a full digitalization platform

  • OT edge (MXIE) addition to enable local industrial 4.0 use case processing
  • Large catalog of Nokia and 3rd party industrial digitalization applications
  • Onboard your own OT app
  • Integrated industrial protocols and cloud connectors

Discover MXIE

Global private wireless data

Undisputed leader

  • Recognized by all top analysts as the undisputed leading private wireless vendor
  • Over 50% private wireless customer market share
  • 30 + years of enterprise critical networking experience
  • 730 + private wireless customers in all industrial segments
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Tap into Nokia DAC Wi-Fi

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud Wi-Fi (DAC Wi-Fi) makes it easy to deploy Wi-Fi 6/6E to meet the connectivity demands of IT and non-business-critical operational technology (OT) applications at any industrial site.

Nokia DAC Wi-Fi

How MX Boost works

MX Boost is a fully automated, software-defined, converged network overlay consisting of MX Boost capable user equipment (UE), the MX Boost Gateway running on MX Industrial Edge and MX Boost management. The technology is based on patented Bell Labs innovations.


MX Boost Architecture Diagram

MX Boost capable devices

Nokia Industrial 5G field router FRRO501a, c

  • Sub-6
  • IP67
  • Cat16, X55
  • Release 15
  • Support both NSA and SA modes
  • Support 802.11 ax (Wi-Fi 6)

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Nokia Industrial 5G field router FRRO501a

More MX Boost capable devices to come

How to buy MX Boost?

  • Available in all markets, support all major 3GPP spectrum bands and Wi-Fi 6/6E
  • Direct from Nokia or your preferred partners (CSP, GSI, SI, VAR, Distributors)
  • Nokia MX Boost is available as OPEX subscription model, meaning low upfront investment and the ability to grow as you need.
  • The solution is tailored to your exact site and use cases requirements.

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Boost operational continuity by combining the power of your networks

A solid connectivity foundation that can cater to your increasing connectivity needs is crucial to achieving continuous, fail-safe operations. By combining the capacity benefits of Wi-Fi and the mission-critical capabilities of private wireless into a single wireless connectivity system, you can use the best attributes of both technologies to achieve powerful multi-layer connectivity - so applications with even the most extreme requirements perform at their expected thresholds. Visit the one-stop wireless hub to learn more.

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