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Nokia Perimeter Network

Deployable solutions for public safety and defense

Nokia Perimeter Network

In the event of an emergency, disaster or other crisis situation, fast and secure communication is key. But what if the communication infrastructure is destroyed, limited or non-existent? How do you ensure you act at full speed?

The Nokia Perimeter Network is a deployable solution that delivers a voice, video and data services platform for users in the public safety and defense sectors. Deployed anywhere, it provides secure 4G/LTE or 5G coverage in a range of up to 35 kilometers for up to 25 000 users. In remote, underserved areas it can provide capacity and coverage utilizing cable, satellite or microwave technologies for backhaul, to extend an operator’s existing macro network.

Solution at glance

Ready to deploy and deliver mobile broadband coverage and connectivity for mission- and business-critical services.

The solution is fully portable for remote deployments. The deployable network provides voice, video and data services within less than 30 minutes of arrival at site.

Weighing approximately 35kg and requiring around a 1200W power supply, it can be deployed in remote areas with no pre-existing infrastructure and powered by a portable generator.

Embedded 4G/LTE or 5G core network for Evolved Packet Core functions eliminates the need for additional equipment when establishing a closed mobile broadband network.

Customizable to meet specific requirements leveraging our partner ecosystem.

When deployed in remote areas, such as disaster recovery sites, camps and temporary bases, the solution provides business-critical communications, while allowing customers to rapidly bridge network coverage gaps. It can also provide temporary additional coverage and capacity in high-traffic locations and at events such as outdoor music festivals to support first response unit communications when the unexpected occurs.

The Nokia Perimeter Network allows first response units to utilize voice, video and other data-based services in emergency situations when mobile networks have been compromised. Where there is no road access it can be carried by air (e.g., by helicopter), providing vital connectivity for search and rescue missions or to help control disasters such as forest fires or floods over wide areas.

Nokia Perimeter Network is sold only via selected partners.

Nokia Perimeter Network

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