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Nokia Drone Networks

A complete aerial-insights solution

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Nokia Drone Networks, powered by the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, is an end-to-end solution comprising Nokia drones, private and secure mobile broadband, cloud connectivity, and a control center. The solution enables a fleet of drones to fly on automated individual missions steered from the command and control center, collecting data and information to meet business needs related to security and transport for example, and to facilitate operations in mission critical situations, like in public safety.  The drones are connected over a private, high capacity mobile broadband network, ensuring they remain unaffected by congestion in the public network and may also be operated manually if needed.

Nokia drones can be equipped or enhanced in many ways – such as with the addition of cameras or sensors. The Nokia dual camera gimbal has mounted HD video and thermal video cameras. The drone can also be equipped with a mounted still camera, as well as loud speakers, search lights, customizable sensors for smoke, motion, radiation, and more.

Adoption of aerial drones and drone technology is growing in select industries like agriculture, construction, mining, public safety and first responders, oil & gas, telecommunications and utilities. Typical use cases include drone missions, data communication, embedded Push-To-Talk, tactical bubbles in vehicles, vessels and helicopters, and anywhere an instant network and services are needed in isolated mode.

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