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Power grid inspection by Nokia drone

Nokia Drone Networks

A complete aerial-insights solution


Nokia Drone Networks, powered by public and private 4G/LTE and 5G networks, is an end-to-end solution comprising of Nokia drones, docking station, a ground control station as well as add-on equipment such as a dual gimbal camera. The solution enables the use of multiple drones to fly on automated individual missions steered from a single ground control station, running on the edge cloud. The solution supports customers and partners in the process of collecting data and information to meet business needs related to security and transport for example, and to facilitate operations in mission critical situations, like in public safety.

Nokia drones can be equipped or customized for operations in many ways – such as with the addition of cameras or sensors. The dual gimbal payload has integrated RGB - and thermal videos. The drone can also be equipped with other payloads such as loudspeakers, searchlights or customizable sensors for smoke, motion, radiation and more, by utilizing the Nokia payload development kit. A dedicated software development kit and evaluation hardware will help customers and partners with the implementation of payloads for a large variety of use cases. Nokia offers support in the integration and certification of customized payload development projects.

The utilization of aerial drones and drone technology is rapidly gaining momentum across various industries such as energy, construction, agriculture, mining, public safety, telecommunications and utilities. A plethora of applications exist, including automated drone missions that require efficient data gathering and secure transfer. Nokia Drone Networks presents an all-encompassing solution that can lower operational costs while boosting value by automating security and inspection workflows.

Nokia is a trusted pioneer in the industrial drone manufacturing industry, setting the standard for system safety. Our drones are equipped with advanced safety features, including an automatic parachute deployment system, and are built to withstand rigorous use in the toughest conditions. To ensure our commitment to safety and quality, our Nokia Drone Networks solution has been CE certified by a notified body in accordance with the latest UAV and 4G/5G user equipment standards. Furthermore, our drone system is designed and assembled in Finland, ensuring a transparent supply chain and unparalleled quality assurance.

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Nokia Drone Networks

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