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 Automotive manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing

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Build a smart automotive factory of the future and modernize your retail operations with intelligent automation and cloud computing powered by Nokia 5G industrial-grade private wireless network.

Automation is transforming the automotive industry

The automotive industry is changing – fast! With shifting consumer preferences towards energy-efficient vehicles, evolving government emissions standards and sustainability goals, and unpredictable supply chains, the automotive industry is undergoing a dramatic change to its business and operating model. To keep pace your manufacturing operations and retail businesses need to be smart, agile and efficient.

It will require new automotive industry automation with introduction of new flexible manufacturing processes using digital technologies such as collaborative mobile robots, wireless IoT devices and vision systems together with artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge cloud computing. The best way to support these smart factory initiatives is with a scalable and secure private wireless network infrastructure built on 5G.

With all of your manufacturing systems and workforce connected over a private 5G network, you will be able to collect more data in real-time, process it using intelligent analytics and digital twins to make better, more informed decisions to increase productivity, improve efficiency and produce vehicles that also help you meet your sustainability goals.


Automotive industry adoption of 5G in manufacturing and retail

When the going gets tough

Keep teams safe and connected across your manufacturing operation with our new ruggedized industrial 5G devices.

Tough on the outside with ultra-robust connectivity that can handle the most treacherous conditions.


Transform safety

Make your digital transformation a reality with 5G

Meeting the long-term digital transformation objectives of your automotive manufacturing and retail operations is made possible with our industry proven, industrial-grade 5G private wireless network and edge cloud solution. It is the foundation to modernize your data infrastructure providing a common network that connects all of your automotive industry automation, assets, and applications with reliable, predictable performance and service assurance. 5G is a global communications standard that has been designed from the beginning to support the challenging requirements of the automotive industry. It is a technology that you can depend on and build your automotive manufacturing and retail operations that will be enhanced over time to meet your evolving needs.

We are trusted industry leader in 5G with long-standing networking expertise and the experience in the deployment of large scale carrier-grade networks around the world. We also have broad knowledge and deep understanding of the unique and often more difficult requirements of industry having deployed hundreds of private wireless networks in many different industries including automotive manufacturing. Together with our technology leadership and specific industry knowledge we can help you with your specific network modernization projects.

Optimize productivity and quality while lowering costs

Speed up processes, lower operating costs and improve quality with intelligent business applications that connects your production lines over a 5G, industrial grade private network.

Increase process and system agility

Rapidly reconfigure your manufacturing floor using digital twins that are created with the collection of more real-time data and analytics to introduce new models or to adjust production volumes for better more informed decision making.

Adapt to changing social dynamics and consumer preferences

Reduce the design concept to the production phase by keeping pace with rapidly shifting trends in vehicle models, powertrain technology, human-machine interfaces and alternative ownership options.

Support mass customization

Make your vehicles more profitable while providing greater build-to-order customization with lot-size-one manufacturing cells and lean material handling enabled by private 5G connectivity.

Create new business models

Collect massive amounts of data throughout your supply chain and use intelligent analytics with AI and ML to gain insights to create new business services and provide greater visibility.

Meet your sustainability goals

Reduce manufacturing process inefficiencies and waste, consume fewer natural resources while producing more vehicles that meet tighter emissions requirements – all while keeping costs in check.

Enable flexible manufacturing and material handling with industrial-grade connectivity

Our 5G private wireless network provides the pervasive broadband connectivity throughout your manufacturing and warehouse facilities allowing you to break free from fixed cabled processes and embrace the wireless flexibility you desire to meet your Industry 4.0 objectives.

With an automotive smart factory powered by our industrial grade private wireless network, you can maximize the agility of your manufacturing operations, increase overall equipment efficiency (OEO), and support all your processes with one network.

Private 5G networking powers new Industry 4.0 manufacturing processes

A private wireless 5G network coupled with edge cloud computing can deliver the predictable Quality of Service, performance, and network reliability for the introduction of new automotive manufacturing automation processes that were not possible with existing technologies.


  • Warehouse 4.0 and lean material handling - automate your material handling and intra-logistics parts and material operations with autonomous mobile robots and better asset tracking to reduce scrap and improve efficiency.
  • Lot-size-one manufacturing – use new, manufacturing production methods that provide more individual vehicle customization while reducing inventory and work-in-process costs.
  • Flexible manufacturing cells – create highly automated, agile manufacturing units that are easily retooled and reconfigured and reprogrammed to adapt to changes in production volumes and orders.
  • Paperless factory and warehouse operations – move to digital recording, tracing and product orders that reduce mistakes, lost records, and a cleaner more sustainable environment.
  • Mixed reality manual assembly assistance – use AR/VR and digital twins to assist your workforce with access to real-time information that will reduce errors and improve quality.
  • Wireless vehicle over-the-air software updates and testing – provide the latest software updates to your inventory and retail service centers without requiring any cable connections to connect to on-board systems.
  • Automated assembly testing and visual inspection – take advantage of the bandwidth and flexibility sensing and high-definition cameras can bring to reduce defects and improve quality.
Industry 4.0 manufacturing processes
  • Warehouse 4.0 and lean material handling
  • Lot-size-one manufacturing
  • Flexible manufacturing cells
  • Paperless factory and warehouse operations
  • Mixed reality manual assembly assistance
  • Wireless vehicle software updates and testing
  • Automated assembly testing and visual inspection

What does 5G bring to automotive manufacturing?

5G is a critical catalyst that will enable you to use Industry 4.0 to build the smart automotive factory of the future. It provides the high-bandwidth connectivity and massive scalability you need to connect all your people and assets, untether your factory floor and embrace automotive automation like never before.

Ultra-reliable and secure, 5G can protect your critical applications and infrastructure from threats, meet their stringent performance demands and keep them up and running. It combines capacity and scalability with flexibility, enabling you to take full advantage of connected machines and IIoT sensing. With 5G massive machine communications, you can support all your smart factory devices with greater control and longer battery life, now and into the future.

Industry-first Private Wireless TCO Calculator

Accelerate digital transformation and optimize your TCO! 

Compare wireless connectivity network scenarios by simulating your industry site.

Nokia Bell Labs Factory of the future - The foundation for your automotive smart factory

The Nokia Bell Labs factory of the future architecture harnesses technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking – including 5G – to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of industrial sectors.

With the Future X architecture for automotive manufacturing, you can combine intelligent networking with digital technologies to support innovative digital applications and make your Industry 4.0 vision a reality.

Nokia Bell Labs Factory of the future
Future X architecture for automotive manufacturing
  • Connect robots, sensors, tracking systems, smart tools and AGVs with the highest security and reliability
  • Get the high-performance and ultra-low latencies you need for video analytics, automated vehicle navigation and immediate robot responses
  • Increase network capacity to address any need, from digital twinning to augmented reality, on-floor video, and security systems
  • Use insights about assets, processes, the environment and workers to boost efficiency and productivity
  • Create value with platforms that apply analytics, sensor, and device management, digital operations, and machine learning to any manufacturing application

Nokia MX Industrial Edge

Accelerate the digital transformation of your operational technology with the Nokia MX Industrial Edge and Industry 4.0 applications

Creating powerful partnerships

We’re working with fellow innovators around the world to develop new solutions that will accelerate your journey to Industry 4.0 and ensure that you achieve your business goals. Our collaborators include:

  • Service providers that offer deep networking expertise and can help bridge spectrum divides
  • Cloud system integrators that can help streamline your architecture and integrate new solutions within your existing environment
  • Industrial ecosystem partners that offer cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions and practical experience in implementing 5G

We also play a key role in standards bodies and industry associations that are helping to drive the advancement of 5G, digitalization and Industry 4.0, including 5G ACIA, 5G AA and Arena 2036.

Nokia Industrial user equipment

Our ruggedized handhelds, workpads, field routers, hotspots and dongles let people communicate and machines connect reliably, both indoors and outdoors.


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Digitalization drives more sustainable manufacturing

Digitalization can provide a path to sustainability. It brings the tools of connectivity, intelligence, data analytics, and automation to our world. Fueled by Industry 4.0 goals of efficiency, productivity and agility, digitalization brings new ways to connect our society and workplaces, it helps companies make the shift toward more sustainable business practices, offers tools to measure impact, and helps to bridge digital divides.

Nokia is committed to helping deliver a cleaner and more connected world. In 2017 we were among the first 100 companies in the world to commit to reducing our emissions in line with the landmark Paris climate agreement.

  • Our science-based climate targets are being recalibrated with the latest 1.5°C warming scenario.
  • We delivered zero emission products to over 150 customers globally.
  • We are exploring how to reduce single-use plastics and have a circular practices and products program in place.
  • 5G technologies will help make human activities more efficient and more environmentally friendly for the planet.

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