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Process manufacturing

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A smart manufacturing plant needs a high-performance, industrial-grade network

Heavy process manufacturing like chemical, refineries, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper is a tough business. These sprawling industrial plants operate complex product processes running continuously 24/7. Often they involve harsh environments and are in remote locations. It’s an industry where up-time, safety and security are paramount.

This highly-competitive industry faces many challenges with customer demands for shorter production cycles and new product innovation while, at the same time, improving operational efficiency and productivity, and meeting workers health and safety requirements.

To meet these challenges, process manufacturers are automating and digitalizing their plants and processes. Nokia assists process manufacturers in their digital transformation journey by providing advanced data communication and networking solutions to support their business and mission critical plant operations.

Our industrial-grade 4G/5G private wireless network solution is an essential component of your digital automation and plant modernization program. It delivers the scalability, performance, reliability and security you need from your network to collect and analyze more data in real-time and gives you the visibility and insights needed to make informed and pro-active decisions.

Digitalize and mobilize your operations to maximize your business output

When the going gets tough

Keep teams safe and connected across your manufacturing operation with our new ruggedized industrial 5G devices.

Tough on the outside with ultra-robust connectivity that can handle the most treacherous conditions.


Transform safety

Nokia provides high performance, easy-fit industrial grade 4G/5G wireless network solutions, and applications combined with proven wireless networking expertise to help your smart manufacturing plant:


  • Optimize performance, productivity and lower costs of your manufacturing operations. Nokia high-performance network solutions, platforms and intelligent business applications help you improve yields, and quality while increasing uptime.


  • Rapidly adapt your facility to meet changing customer demands and business needs. Leverage the scalability and security of 4.9G and 5G private wireless networks for a more flexible, smart manufacturing plant that helps you dynamically adjust operations and processes to meet your business needs while ensuring your data and intellectual property (IP) remain protected.​


  • Maximize the benefits and value of your digital transformation initiatives. Nokia 4.9G/5G wireless network delivers the capacity, connectivity and data visibility you need to support new levels of automation and give you the knowledge and insights you need to.​​​drive predictive maintenance, asset management, and process optimization.

Industry-first Private Wireless TCO Calculator

Accelerate digital transformation and optimize your TCO! 

Compare wireless connectivity network scenarios by simulating your industry site.

What does 5G bring to process manufacturing?

With 5G as part of your smart manufacturing plant, you can get the high-bandwidth connectivity that’s needed to digitalize your processes and add new levels of automation like never before.

5G provides the massive scalability needed to connect all of your people and critical applications and things - both inside the plant and outside on the facility premises.

5G provides the ultra reliability with network performance to support even your most critical applications.

With 5G massive machine communications you can connect all of your smart factory devices onto a single network with greater control, and longer battery life, now and into the future.

How can Nokia help you in your digital transformation journey?

The Nokia Future X for industries architecture brings together technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, together with a high-performance network – including 5G – that drives dramatic productivity and efficiency improvements across a wide range of industrial sectors.


  • With the Future X architecture for process manufacturing, you can combine intelligent networking with digital technologies to support innovative applications and make your Industry 4.0 vision a reality.
  • Connect your entire field workforce and assets over a common, a field proven, industry standard wireless network.
  • Get the high-performance and ultra-low latencies you need for advanced video analytics, automated vehicle navigation and AR/VR.
  • Increase network capacity and scalability to address any need, from digital twinning to IIoT sensing and on-premise video and security systems.
  • Gain insights about assets, processes, environments and workers to boost efficiency and productivity.
  • Create value with platforms that apply analytics, sensor and device management, digital operations and machine learning to any manufacturing application.

Sustainability: How Nokia solutions can help you achieve your climate goals.

We are committed to helping deliver a cleaner and more connected world. In 2017 we were among the first 100 companies in the world to commit to reducing our emissions in line with the landmark Paris climate agreement.


  • Our science-based climate targets are being recalibrated with the latest 1.5°C warming scenario.
  • We delivered zero emission products to over 150 customers globally.
  • We are exploring how to reduce single-use plastics and have a circular practices and products program in place.
  • 5G technologies will help make human activities more efficient and more environmentally friendly for the planet.

Learn more about Nokia’s sustainability approach.

Nokia MX Industrial Edge

Accelerate the digital transformation of your operational technology with the Nokia MX Industrial Edge and Industry 4.0 applications.


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