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Digitalization for Process Manufacturing

Make people, technology and processes work as one

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Enhance productivity and worker safety across your operations while committing to sustainability.


Challenges for Process Manufacturing

Companies across the process manufacturing sector—including those in food and beverages, paper and pulp, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals—are striving to boost productivity and ensure worker safety while enhancing sustainable practices. Digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies offer powerful tools to achieve these goals by improving asset control, deriving valuable insights from data, and supporting continuous operations.

An increasing number of manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0, with a significant ramp-up in the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. By 2030, it's anticipated that manufacturing and industrial firms will have deployed upwards of 49 million 5G-connected IoT devices within their facilities.*


Industry 4.0: Empowering Manufacturing Automation

Beyond just implementing connected devices, the real value of digital transformation in process manufacturing lies in integrating new applications and devices with robust, reliable enterprise wireless connectivity and edge computing. This integration enables people, processes, sensors, robots, and legacy machines to collaborate seamlessly, driving superior business outcomes.

* ABI Research: Digital Factory Forecast, 2022

74% of manufacturers plan to upgrade their networks in the near term to advance digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Opportunities for Industry 4.0 across Process Industries

Industry 4.0 unlocks numerous use cases for process manufacturers, from advanced asset tracking and condition monitoring to predictive maintenance and enhanced communications. These applications help enterprises achieve operational excellence, improve compliance and sustainability, enhance asset utilization and quality assurance, and boost workforce safety and productivity.

How One Platform for Industrial Digitalization Can Transform Process Manufacturing

  • Connect end-to-end production processes to collect comprehensive data,
  • Enable monitoring and optimization for greater efficiency, reliability, and security,
  • Support edge computing applications while safeguarding your data,
  • Transform data into actionable insights to facilitate autonomous decisions,
  • Streamline your digital transformation to integrate smoothly with existing networks and operational technology (OT).

This platform is designed for easy setup and integration with your legacy systems and is fully compatible with the Wi-Fi networks essential for basic IT connectivity in indoor areas and offices.

Benchmark your digital transformation maturity and readiness

Transform your manufacturing operations with connectivity that enables devices, people and machines to work together as one

Nokia can help you unleash the value of Industry 4.0 at your manufacturing facilities with One platform for industrial digitalization to drive your enterprise digital strategy, which includes industrial-grade connectivity, edge computing, devices, and applications. This unified platform enables people and machines to work together in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way.

One platform to simplify digital transformation in Process industries

To successfully navigate digital transformation, you need the capability to capture and act on data, often in real-time. Data from IIoT sensors is processed by on-premises edge computing systems that employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to model and analyze it, providing you with actionable intelligence. This enables you to optimize processes, elevate product quality, and boost overall operational performance.

We can help streamline your journey through Industry 4.0by providing you with one unified platform that includes:

One Digital Platform for Industry 4.0

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