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Small Cell on Wheels

Deployable network for mining and utilities

Expand and adapt your mission critical network

Private networks are the building blocks of enterprise digitalization increasing process efficiency, visibility, reliability and safety. In many industrial segments like mining to utilities, where the operational areas are constantly shifting, networks need to be ready and available to provide a reliable backbone for industrial applications and use cases. Creating a fixed large footprint for these setups is not beneficial or financially viable, given the planning, setup and maintenance requirements of the network infrastructure.

In these environments, the Small Cell on Wheels (SCOW) solution offers a dynamic network extension solution that can complement central radio setups to provide connectivity in changing operational environments and hard to reach locations.

Fill coverage gaps, boost capacity when needed

It helps patch coverage holes in existing networks, uplift capacity, provide coverage for new areas and support special high-capacity use cases.

Active Mining areas are continuously shifting, requiring constant changes in network coverage and performance. This requires an agile network solution like Small Cell on Wheels (SCOW), that can adapt accordingly be to fill in the coverage gaps for the extended mining area.

Likewise, if your network performance suffers given the shadow typically cast by stockpile and huge machinery, then SCOW is an optimal solution to close these coverage gaps.


Improved network quality

Better coverage means reduced call droppage for better worker communications and safety 

More efficient operations

Increased use case availability and efficiency 

Less downtime thanks to better fleet management and logistics optimization

Easy to deploy

 Small Cell on Wheels

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