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High Accuracy Indoor Positioning

Track your assets in real-time

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Applications and use cases

High Accuracy Indoor Positioning is an industrial positioning solution that provides precise real-time location data and historical data so you can find and track industrial assets faster and optimize workflows and layouts.

Discover HAIP

Bluetooth solution for real-time and precise location services

With the absence of GPS in your indoor industrial settings, are you challenged with finding a cost-effective positioning solution that best meets your needs? While many solutions can accurately locate assets in real-time, they may not necessarily be cost effective or easy to deploy and maintain.

Nokia High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) is both. And it’s also energy efficient. With our user-friendly Bluetooth application, you can locate key assets (goods, vehicles, staff, etc.) immediately to ensure optimal workflow, enhanced safety, and efficient inventory management.

Highly precise system
  • utilizing bluetooth with angle of arrival method on the 2.4 GHZ ISM band 
  • 2D and 3D sub-meter level accuracy
Cost effective and energy efficient
  • bluetooth solution with small and robust tags with programmable transmission frequency
  • configurable transmission power for longer battery life
Real-time low latency processing
  • real-time location updates for hundreds of assets
  • real-time alerts for geofencing or collision events
Highly secure edge deployment
  • deployed on Nokia MX Industrial Edge with on-site processing 
  • ensures that data always stays on-premise
Open APIs
  • for easy integration and use in automated workflows 
  • advanced applications for further efficiencies



Improve operational efficiency and safety with real-time location services


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Why Nokia High Accuracy Indoor Positioning?

Precise location data
  • A key enabler for unlocking the benefits of digitalization and automation 
  • Total cost of ownership lower than UWB with similar accuracy
Find and track assets in real-time
  • Highly precise and cost effective BLE solution
Optimize workflows and layouts with historical data
  • Seamlessly integrate with other applications, to utilize location information for process improvement and layout design
Easy to deploy, access and maintain
  • Simplified deployment and activation through the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud dashboard with ongoing maintenance and automatic software upgrades


High Accuracy Indoor Positioning case study

Digitalizing assets at the Chennai Factory

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Problems solved

Finding and tracking assets in real-time

Looking for assets can be time consuming and tedious

Increasing the utilization rate of shared assets

If assets are not being used they are not creating value!

Optimizing workflow and performance management

Without proper visibility of operational processes it's difficult to optimize tasks

Billing of shared assets

When multiple entities are using shared assets it's difficult to identify exact usage and share costs accordingly.

How does it work?

The high precision indoor location tracking utilizes the angle of arrival (AoA) method and the 2.4 GHz ISM band. The solution enables 2D and 3D positioning with a sub-meter accuracy. Location data is processed through edge computing, ensuring that data remains securely on-premises, making the solution compliant with local privacy regulations.

Nokia High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) is a cost effective, energy efficient Bluetooth application that allows you to precisely locate assets (goods, vehicles, staff, etc.) in real-time.


Discover HAIP

HAIP locators can be easily mounted

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