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Nokia Industrial fieldrouters

Nokia Industrial fieldrouters

Why choose Nokia Industrial fieldrouters?

Nokia Industrial fieldrouters benefit from a highly ruggedized, anti-vibration design and IP67 rating, allowing them to be deployed indoors and outdoors in industrial environments. Nokia is pioneering the use of 5G fieldrouters to solve the challenge of reliably connecting legacy industrial equipment and vehicles to a private wireless network, allowing mining companies, port operators, manufacturers and other enterprises to benefit from Industry 4.0 use cases such as autonomous operations. Supporting a wide range of 4.9G, 5G, and CBRS bands, Nokia Industrial fieldrouters leverage a comprehensive feature set enabling them to efficiently handle data traffic using a range of protocols including PROFINET, OPC-UA, EtherCAT, and Modbus.

How can you add value with applications?

You can complement your Nokia Industrial device and private wireless solution with integrated Nokia Industrial device management. Providing support for zero-touch onboarding and plug and play operation of all Nokia Industrial user equipment, this allows you to scale and simplify the management of your entire device population.

Nokia Network Digital Twin transforms your Nokia Industrial IoT devices into network data collectors, enabling them to automatically feed into around 30 KPIs on your Nokia Industrial Digital Twin dashboard. Equipped with detailed historical and near-real-time information about network coverage and performance, you can optimize your network and increase reliability even in dynamically changing environments such as ports and mines.

Nokia Industrial 4G fieldrouter FRRO401x

Nokia Industrial

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