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Nokia Industrial cameras

5G video camera and wearable cameras for optimal surveillance, quality control and visual communication

The Nokia Industrial 5G video camera can be wirelessly connected to your private network, allowing you to benefit from real-time video analysis, face recognition, object detection in surveillance use cases, defect detection in manufacturing, road sign detection and drive record for automotive cases and so on.

The camera features an 8MP sensor, 4K video streaming, and can output in H.265 format at the lowest bitrate or in MJPEG format at the highest quality. It can operate outdoors in temperatures between -40 and +55 degrees C and is IP67 rated, which means that it is 100% protected against ie. grit, dust and sand.

The Nokia Industrial wearable compact video camera comes in two variants for professional users. One model features a push-to-talk button to allow remote collaboration for both video and voice calls.

The lightweight camera is easy to wear and attach to uniforms, duty gear and personal protective equipment. It can be used as a handheld camera to view difficult places, such as inside machinery where there may not be a clear line of sight. Other features include integrated adaptive illumination, low-light mode, waterproofing and can operate in a wide temperature range. The camera can be connected to Android and Windows smart devices via USB C or Micro USB connectors.

Nokia Industrial 5G camera CxxO501a

Nokia Industrial

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