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Enterprise Voice Core

Optimize your business with industrial-grade voice on private wireless network

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About the solution

The Nokia Enterprise Voice Core (EVC) provides the voice and video communication core you need to keep your workers connected and get maximum value from your private LTE or 5G wireless network.

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Meet your critical communication needs

EVC is ideal for enterprises that are deploying industrial-grade private wireless networks. It provides a 3GPP standards-compliant IMS voice core implementation in a compact 1RU appliance. With EVC, you get the reliability, flexibility, and performance you need to meet your business-critical voice and video communication requirements.

Connect workers over any network or endpoint

An access-agnostic solution, EVC makes it easy to deliver voice and video services across 4G/LTE, 5G radio, and IP networks. It supports 4G and 5G mobile phones and devices, as well as VoIP clients and traditional POTS phones connected via a VoIP gateway.

Leverage industrial-grade IMS technology

EVC is based on our IMS VoLTE solution, which is deployed to over 100 major telecommunications carriers. It includes these 3GPP standards-compliant IMS functions:

  • Telephony Application Server (TAS)
  • Call Session Control Function (CSCF)
  • Session Border Control (SBC)
  • Media Resource Function (MRF)

Create a custom core network

Part of our Modular Private Wireless (MPW) solution, EVC allows you to build a private core network that delivers services over your own private wireless network. You can complement it with other MPW modules, including our Compact Mobility Unit.

Benefits and features

EVC combines all the voice and video communications functions you need into a 1RU rack-mounted server (deployed as a 1x1 pair for local resiliency) that fit easily into an IT cabinet or data center.

Optionally EVC can be deployed with 2x2 pair for local/remote redundancy support purpose or even as SW only appliance on a shared private OpenShift platform. The solution is packaged as a pre-integrated appliance that does not require a network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure or orchestration system for lifecycle management.

Enterprises can deploy EVC as part of their private wireless network. Communication service providers (CSPs) can use the EVC to provide a dedicated core solution for private wireless service offers aimed at the enterprise market.

Connect your workers and protect your data

EVC gives you more flexibility to meet the voice and video communications needs of your workers while securely maintaining your business-critical subscriber and operational data on your premises. You can use it to can augment or replace your on-premises voice communication systems (DECT phones, IP PBXs, VoWiFi solutions) as part of a unified private wireless implementation over 4G/LTE or 5G radio.

Make a faster digital transformation

EVC accelerates your digital transformation by letting you take advantage of the vast 4G ecosystem available to telecom carriers.

With EVC, you can provide familiar communications capabilities to workers on standard mobile devices using a private wireless network that you own, operate, and control.

Improve reliability and performance

EVC lets you address new business-critical communications demands with better reliability and performance. It meets your high availability requirements by providing hot-standby redundancy with the same robustness that the telecom industry enjoys.

Reduce operating costs

EVC helps you simplify and consolidate your OA&M processes by providing single-pane-of-glass visibility of all your voice and video services.

By supporting up to 20,000 endpoints with a single 1U rack-mounted server pair or on an OpenShift platform, it lowers your power, cooling, and floor space costs.

Modular Private Wireless

Enterprise Voice Core and the Compact Mobility Unit are key components of our Modular Private Wireless solution.

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