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Nokia Industrial FWA CPE

Nokia Industrial FWA CPE

What is FWA

4G and 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is the perfect complement to your connectivity offering, opening the door to new value-added services for businesses. With FWA, you can get fiber-like broadband to each corner of your business wherever you have mobile spectrum. Plug gaps in your coverage area, increase service levels in rural communities, or compete out of territory.

Fixed wireless access customer premise equipment (FWA CPE) with higher gain antennas drive higher speeds while also using radio resources more efficiently.

Nokia Industrial FWA CPE solution

Our 4G and 5G FWA CPE offering enables you to deploy fixed wireless broadband quickly and easily to stay ahead of the broadband game and accelerate ROI on your private wireless network.


  • Nokia private wireless incorporating Nokia Industrial devices is quick and easy to install and set up
  • Indoor and outdoor options offer flexible deployment
  • Powerful, consumer-friendly apps streamline installation of new capabilities

Wi-Fi integration

  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6 provides in-office connectivity
  • Whole-office coverage is enabled with Nokia Wi-Fi mesh technology
  • Self-healing Wi-Fi is made possible with additional cloud management capability

Manage your devices

  • Using Nokia Industrial device management - IoT, you can efficiently manage thousands of devices by groups, handle asset inventories, and more.
  • With device firmware and software distributed to the device directly from the on-prem edge. you benefit from an additional layer of security.
  • Using Nokia Industrial device management plus you gain a comprehensive overview of your connected devices showing current and historical data.

Where to connect the office FWA CPE devices

Nokia Industrial FWA CPEs can be placed indoors and outdoors and include 5G modem, built-in antennas, and Wi-Fi capability (indoor) for a complete and easy-to-install broadband solution.

Nokia Industrial FWA CPE receivers use industry-leading high gain antennas and can be mounted outside to avoid first wall attenuation, providing better coverage and speed, especially at the cell edge.

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