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4G, 5G and MulteFire – we’ve got you covered

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud platform is a plug & play private wireless network solution with analytics capabilities to boost the digital transformation of your business.

Our 4G, 5G and MulteFire solutions allow you to easily manage all your sites around the world from a user-friendly, web-based portal, through which you can deploy applications to all or to individual SIMs, as well as push SW updates.

Reliable high capacity and low latency

If you select the 4G version with its rich ecosystem of compliant devices you can later upgrade to 5G via a simple software update and replacement of access points. It also gives you a head start on 5G by defining priorities for different sources of data through network slicing. By deploying 5G SA, you will benefit from increased capacity and speed, lower latency and energy costs.  The two generations are combined in Nokia DAC 5G non-standalone (NSA) and offers you an alternative route to 5G. Whatever use case you have in scope, we've got you covered.…


Your Nokia DAC comes with spectrum, edge computing, access points, applications, and user equipment. It also comes with spectrum - your choice of unlicensed (MulteFire and Nokia DAC 5 GHz), shared (CBRS) or licensed spectrum. Our Nokia MulteFire solution unlocks global unlicensed spectrum for usage in private 4.9G/LTE. With MulteFire anybody, anywhere can create their own private wireless network or tap into the enormous amount of 5 GHz spectrum to expand existing networks for data intensive use cases.

Watch how easy it is to create your own private wireless network and automation platform


Nokia MulteFire solution - bringing private wireless to the masses

An end-to-end platform that makes private wireless networking and automation easy

Enterprise Nokia DAC architecture

Meet digitalization demands with a private wireless network

Flexible and scalable solution - Nokia DAC

Flexible and scalable solution

You can go direct to 5G by opting for  Nokia DAC 5G standalone, or start with the proven 4G version and evolve flexibly to 5G as the user equipment ecosystem matures.[showmore]

Scale your private network in capacity and size with our pay-as-you-grow solution, from a single ultra-local small deployment to multiple, globally distributed local networks. With a global cloud you can achieve the same capabilities everywhere.

Build a subscription-based customized network according to your needs or implement a digital automation platform as an up-front investment.

Security - Nokia DAC

Store data locally and securely

Your data never leaves the premises, unless shared by choice through a local breakout function. Data is computed and stored locally in an ultra- scalable edge cloud.[showmore]

Security is ensured by an independent and isolated network architecture design, data encryption, dedicated hardware and SIM based authentication.

Easy deployment - Nokia DAC

Easy deployment of end-to-end cloud

Choose the fastest route to automation with this quick and easy to deploy private wireless network solution. By deploying to one or several local networks from the regional[showmore] Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, you can achieve identical infrastructure across all your premises, and gain measurable benefits from IoT deployments instantly. This end-to-end solution offers in-house digital automation applications as well as easy integration to third-party applications with open API framework. The web-based self-service portal provides full network control with a user-friendly interface to manage your network applications.

Optimized 4G and 5G network solutions for your IoT applications

Edge computing - Nokia DAC

Edge computing capabilities

Industry 4.0 is being built on cloud enabled edge computing. Nokia Digital Automation Cloud is edge centric and cloud supported, ensuring both the proximity to data and [showmore]

low latency needed to support demanding and data intensive applications such as autonomous vehicle control, high accuracy object positioning, video analytics, AR/VR etc. Local computing power also ensures data privacy, as information does not have to leave the premises unless you wish to export it through a secure channel.

High mobility and multi-local network

High mobility and multi-local network

Are you seeking a multi-local network set up for your enterprise locations around the world? With Nokia DAC, you can customize the configuration for [showmore] a uniform experience across geographies. It can easily be replicated to new locations, and existing sites can be extended. Thanks to fast and reliable handover from one core network to another, you can implement advanced IoT applications that demand reliable business critical connectivity such as remotely controlled vehicles drones and robots.

Micro-services framework - Nokia DAC

Micro-services framework

Nokia DAC has a built-in micro-services framework that can be used to optimize the right service level for each application.[showmore]

These virtual connections use the same underlying network infrastructure but are dedicated to the precise performance needs of each application, whether that’s ultra-reliability, low latency, extreme capacity or any other requirement. It’s like having a different service tailored to each need and makes deployment of multiple applications easier.


Digitalize your business with Nokia Digital Automation Cloud