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Nokia Industrial devices and related applications

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About the solution

Devices and related applications connect your machines, sensors and people to add value beyond connectivity for Industry 4.0 use cases worldwide.

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Increase worker safety, sustainability and digitalization by improving the communications across your enterprise

You can easily provision Nokia Industrial devices with zero-touch and configure them through a practical device management dashboard. Use them to monitor your network performance in real time and identify areas of poor performance potentially leading to downtime.

Ruggedized industrial devices, related applications and accessories are applicable to all industries. EX-protected versions are particularly suitable for chemical, oil & gas, petrochemical and underground mining.

Nokia Industrial devices

Why Nokia Industrial devices?

Connect everything

Address all needs to connect machines, sensors and workers over 4.9G or 5G in different markets and frequency bands.

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Suit all environments

Designed to meet demanding needs in harsh and hazardous environments, with high IP protection ratings and industrial-grade components. Supports use cases with value adding applications.

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Ruggedized and/or EX-protected devices you can count on to add value as part of our one platform for industrial digitalization

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Comprehensive feature set

Includes PROFINET communication and other industrial protocols like EtherCAT, OPC-UA and Modbus to enable efficient traffic

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Mission critical communication

Nokia Industrial 4G and 5G handhelds with ruggedized accessories support MCPTT use cases in challenging operations.

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Device management and digital twin

Our devices have inbuilt capacity for device management and digital twinning so you can easily monitor your network performance

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Benefit from applications and devices on one platform for industrial digitalization


Digitalize your business faster and more efficiently with a combination of applications and devices

  • Nokia Industrial devices connect your machines, sensors and people, and are already pre-integrated on Nokia Private Wireless networks
  • Benefit from pre-tested applications for group communication, device management and network monitoring
  • Your network comes with SIM cards for the devices.

Efficient management applications with easy-to-understand dashboards enable instant action

  • See alerts about network and device functionalities, and their location
  • Remote device management allows you to take action from your operations center
  • Zero-touch provision and configuration with built-in remote management capabilities via Nokia Industrial device management.

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Monitor network performance in real time and identify areas of poor performance with Nokia Network Digital Twin to avoid downtime.

  • Any Android v.11+ and Nokia Industrial IoT device can be set to monitor your network automatically
  • From a customizable dashboard you can monitor current and past network history as well as forecast scenarios when you introduce new use cases
  • You can define alert thresholds for KPIs and get notified when any threshold is breached, and define ad hoc tests that you want to perform on the device to assist in troubleshooting.

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Problems solved

Manual deployment of device settings and updates is laborious 

Factory customer case: In a factories and other industrial campuses, devices require new settings and firmware (FW). This is a time-consuming task that is prone to errors as each device is manually connected and configured individually.

Brownfield technology requires industrial connectors 

Port customer case: The control traffic (Profinet) and other traffic (video and misc) are separated by different VLANs. Profinet requires L2 communication, while video streams and other traffic utilize IP communication. 

Some applications require particularly high bandwidth and reliability

Factory customer case: Limitations in Wi-Fi reliability and throughput of cellular networks currently restrict the wider use of these wireless technologies in industrial environments.

In environments with dynamically changing topology, network coverage may decline 

Port customer case: Our customer was struggling with poor network performance and could not determine where and why the issues were arising.

How to buy

  • Subscribe or buy as part of the Nokia one platform or stand-alone
  • Available in all markets, support all major 3GPP spectrum bands
  • Direct from Nokia or your preferred partners (CSP, GSI, SI, VAR, Distributors)
  • As-a-Service, CAPEX , OPEX or a mix

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