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Industrial robot

On-premises edge

Leverage secure local OT edge computing

What’s the state of your edge?

When you empower your business with automation you can influence how work is done in real time.

Nokia is helping enterprises across all verticals to implement wide-ranging Industry 4.0 use cases with reliable high-capacity, on-premise edge processing to leverage the value of operational technology (OT) data. Asset intensive industries are working with us to digitalize their processes and systems across the industry value chain for better efficiencies and agility to adapt quickly to changing customer and market needs.

We bring on-premise industrial grade edge capabilities that controls your private wireless network and serves as application platform for your various use cases, while meeting OT resiliency requirements.

Think autonomous robots in factories and warehouses using real-time situational awareness for safety. Or zero-fault manufacturing with advanced real-time video analytics for efficiency. Benefit from our open ecosystem-neutral approach and valued application partners to maximize your business potential.

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