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Smart cities & Agriculture

Infuse intelligence into everything

Smart cities

Smart cities are built on smart networks

Around the world, cities are evaluating how to leverage smart technology to enhance citizens lives, increase economic growth and make their city more efficient. Pervasive connectivity is needed to facilitate increased automation and enable a multitude of applications, whereby data can be gathered from smart devices and sensors embedded in the roadways, power grids, buildings, and other assets. From public facilities such as hospitals, public transport stations to stadiums, music halls and other popular venues – dedicated private networking will be key to creating intelligent and integrated city platforms. [showmore]

The data insight can then be used for true city innovation to enhance shared services such as health care assistance, security and safety, real-time traffic monitoring and municipal service and environmental management.

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud provides a flexible hybrid business model for private network services and edge computing for everything from small remote sites to large projects and networks. The plug and play network can be easily expanded. Operations do not require special telecommunications skills.

KEKO: Smart building services - retrofit

Key benefits

This is what you can expect when you employ Nokia Digital Automation Cloud platform:

Retain control with multi-layer security, local data routing and processing

High speed mobility, indoor & outdoor coverage, reliable in harsh conditions

Machine and group communication priorities, low latency

Multi purpose private network for all applications

A large variety of devices available, also for special purposes

5G slicing capabilities

Overcome Wi-Fi limits: coverage & capacity

Reduce wiring, reduce costs

Fast & flexible deployment

Use cases

Video surveillance camera in the city

Infrastructure retrofit / replacement

Internet of Things connectivity is transforming our municipal and utility infrastructure, enabling technologies like integrated security and control centers, video surveillance of public areas, intelligent traffic management, [showmore]

operation control (for public safety services) as well as video analysis for accurate situational assessment.

It’s bringing us things like smart tools to use energy resources more efficiently in homes and businesses, and connected street lights, where the access points and sensors in lamp poles form a dense network infrastructure generating data that is locally processed based on a horizontal IoT platform. Nokia Digital Automation Cloud provides a secure, digital automation platform with private connectivity to both public and private enterprise to ensure smart city objectives can be met easily and cost effectively. Add on our Nokia Drone Networks application and you have a smart city solution that provides aerial insight through live streaming and analytics of crowded events and road traffic, construction site inspection, water and air quality monitoring and more.

person in wheel chair

Mobility & robotics

We are empowering hospitals and clinics to build intelligent infrastructures and employ digital technologies to automate processes - reducing costs and supporting patient care. Personnel time is unnecessarily tied up in repetitive, [showmore]

logistics - related tasks related to logistics. Some of the key use cases enabled by Nokia Digital Automation Cloud platform include automated guided vehicles (AGV) to deliver medicine, remote monitoring applications, real-time asset location of mobile incubators, beds and wheelchairs through an interactive, easy to use dashboard. 

cars on the city street

Smart production & operation

Key use cases include connected transportation infrastructure such as smart bus stops, autonomous vehicles and waste management solutions. Self-driving vehicles from buses to garbage trucks can improve quality [showmore]

of life for citizens by offering more flexible and cost efficient services, on-demand, and during off-peak traffic hours.

Smart mobility services will ease the flow of cars and people with real-time view of available parking as well as crowd monitoring in public venues. 

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