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Nokia Integrated Operations Center

Make your operations more intelligent by increasing visibility, adding insight and automation

Intelligently control and manage your digital ecosystem

Digital technologies are fundamentally reshaping industries and public sector organizations as they aim to improve business and operational performance.

To benefit from these, it is critical to address the operational complexity challenge brought about by ‘technology silos’ arising from multiple disparate applications, legacy systems, and massive scale deployment of a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Nokia Integrated Operations Center (IOC) has been designed to simplify operations for an increasingly complex connected digital world. The IOC functions as a ‘system of systems’, providing a single pane of glass to intelligently control and manage a variety of IoT and non-IoT data sources, systems, applications and analytics engines, while enhancing end to end operational efficiency. With robust model driven AI/ML platform capabilities and a complex rule engine to drive automated processes, the IOC brings true actionable intelligence to digital operations.

Nokia IOC can manage digital operations in a variety of complex customer environments including, but not limited to a wide range of vertical segments

  • Digital industrial and manufacturing sites
  • Digital airports focusing on improved passenger experience
  • Smart ports
  • Connected digital mines operations

With Nokia Integrated Operations Center, you benefit from hyperawareness, informed decision making, operational simplicity and fast execution, to make your business agile and efficient for the digital age.


Reduce digital operations complexity

IOC unifies operational control of all devices, systems and applications to reduce management complexity, increase operations efficiency, enhance hyperawareness and improve decision making

Simplify new technology introduction

IOC integration microservices ensure quick and seamless interoperability between devices, systems and applications, legacy or new

Speed up process execution

Nokia’s IOC rule engine correlates complex multi-variate events and automates contextual action workflows, enabling faster execution and reducing the need for manual intervention

Future proof solution

Nokia’s IOC is based on an advanced technology stack which supports machine learning based advanced analytics and control decision flows. It can also leverage innovative technologies including AR/VR


Fully modular

Fully modular, based on microservices architecture reducing upfront investment with pay as you grow (PAYG) models

Seamless interoperability

Interoperability, quick and seamless interaction between devices, systems and applications, legacy or new technologies

Powerful rule engine

Nokia IOC’s rule engine correlates complex multi-variate events and automates contextual action workflows, enabling faster execution and reducing the need for manual intervention

Industrial protocols

Leveraging the IOC broker enterprises can connect to a wide range of industrial devices and applications


Rich UI and visualization options available to enable central operations



Nokia Integrated Operations Center comes with various packages. From integration broker allowing users to connect to industrial systems and devices, to a complete enterprise platform, including device licenses, customer training and support services and customization options.

Nokia Integrated Operations Center (IOC) is an application designed to add visibility and intelligence to existing processes and to enrich and integrate other applications to unique streams. It’s capable of supporting non-critical and industrial grade mission-critical processes.

It can be deployed on the Nokia mission critical industrial edge (MXIE), thus enabling use cases that require high availability and reliability. MXIE can host connectivity as well, keeping all applications in a single on-site infrastructure. The Nokia MX Industrial Edge is a future-ready on-premises edge solution for accelerated OT digitalization. It combines the simplicity and agility of edge-as-as service with a high-performance resilient and secure edge architecture designed to meet the mission-critical needs of asset intensive industrial environments as well.


The Nokia IOC solution combines multiple capabilities by aggregating existing systems, devices, and data sources into a coherent, unified visual framework. Providing operational awareness and a foundation for analysis, insights and actions, the IOC uses the data from machines or video streams to provide the necessary response to events, situations, and threats.

IOC provides most of the foundational services required to build a solution from ground up.

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