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Nokia MX Boost for private wireless

Combine different connectivity technologies - including legacy Wi-Fi - into a single, optimized wireless connectivity system

Bring simple multipath connectivity to complex industrial environments

Nokia MX Boost lets you combine multiple radio technologies and spectrum to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity for your business- and mission-critical industrial applications.

Powered by patented Nokia Bell Labs innovations and deployed on the Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE), MX Boost makes it easy to aggregate 4.9G/5G private wireless connectivity paths with a host of other connectivity options. You can boost throughput by combining radio links or determinism by retaining the capabilities of the strongest one.

With MX Boost, you can unify disparate radio technologies – for example, Wi-Fi and 4.9G/LTE – to gain more flexibility to support innovative IT and OT applications and accelerate your digital transformation.

Most industrial plants have heterogeneous connectivity environments such as multiple legacy Wi-Fi networks and various private wireless radio layers. MX Boost helps you extract more value from these solutions and your existing network environment by combining their strengths with unique multipath connectivity.


Create countless connectivity options

MX Boost is an IP-based solution that provides an edge-based routing application, multi-modem industrial devices and end-to-end encryption. These capabilities enable you to create countless multi-layer connectivity options by integrating:

  • Connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • Radio technology types, including 4G, 5G and satellite

  • Spectrum bands, including centimeter wave (cmW), millimeter wave (mmW) and 4G multi-bands

  • Equipment and solutions from multiple vendors

Choose the operating mode that suits your application

Intelligent algorithms and real-time link testing enable you to operate MX Boost in one of two modes based on the application you want to support. Whether your application demands higher capacity or industrial-grade performance and reliability, MX Boost can help.

MX Boost aggregation mode

allows you to achieve higher data rates by splitting and recombining traffic from multiple radio channels. A real-time probe maintains the reliability, coverage and latency of the strongest among the radio links.

MX Boost replication mode

allows you to improve reliability, latency and mobility performance by duplicating the same packets on all radio links and always using the best one.

Use cases


The two MX Boost operating modes give you the flexibility to support multipath connectivity combinations that can meet the needs of virtually any critical application. Common combinations include:

  • Wi-Fi 6 + Wi-Fi 6E: The replication of multiple Wi-Fi bands can enhance reliability and latency for non-critical OT applications.
  • 4.9G/LTE+ Wi-Fi 6E: Wi-Fi6E can complement 4.9G/LTE networks to increase capacity and data rates for business-critical applications that require reliable performance, including 4K camera-based remote control and augmented reality.
  • 4.9G/LTE replication: The replication of two 4.9G/LTE bands can meet the demands of mission-critical applications that require ultra-reliable low-latency communication, including cloud-based programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and worker safety applications.
  • 4G multi-band: Multiple 4G bands can be combined to support higher capacity, for example, in countries with limited LTE available bandwidth for industries.

With MX Boost, you can make the most of the connectivity technologies and spectrum that are available or possible at any industrial site.

MX Boost in action

The innovations behind MX Boost are already in use in the Nokia Train to Ground solution for railways. This solution improves railway operations by enabling trains to use multiple radio connections to maintain reliable broadband connectivity while traveling at high speeds and operating in highly challenging radio environments.


Extract maximum value from your disparate radio technologies

Increase data rates while maintaining private wireless reliability

Improve reliability for heavily used private wireless networks and in challenging radio environments

Enable innovative pre-5G R16-17 use cases with very stable low latency

Get the most from your spectrum assets as you ramp up asset connectivity

Solution components

  • MX Boost routing application on MXIE: The MX Boost routing application runs on MXIE and features patented Nokia Bell Labs technology that enables real-time selective multipath redundancy. It lets you support a mix of traffic with easy per-stream policy configuration, separate background data and control, and ensure high reliability and spectral efficiency.

  • Nokia Boost capable Industrial devices: The solution lets you take advantage of our Nokia Industrial devices portfolio, which includes ruggedized field routers, modems, hotspots and handhelds. These devices are verified and optimized for industrial use cases, configured for use with MX Boost, and pre-integrated with our private wireless and MXIE solutions. They are easy to onboard, monitor and maintain through Nokia Device Management.

  • End-to-end security: MX Boost protects your sensitive industrial data by supporting end-to-end encryption between your devices and MXIE.


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