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Nokia Industrial handhelds and Nokia smartphone

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Nokia Industrial ruggedized handheld devices are optimized for push-to-talk, push-to-video, and other business critical applications supporting a wide range of bands in both 4G and 5G. They are highly ruggedized, featuring anti-vibration design for harsh environments with IP68 ratings. An ATEX certified smartphone is now sold exclusively by Nokia.

Nokia XR20 is designed to last. A phone that can stand up to anything life throws at it – and look great doing it. With an ultra-solid case and the toughest display glass we could find, it’s scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, temperature-resistant, and water-resistant. Learn more

Nokia XR20 Industrial edition for hazardous environments 

Exclusively sold by Nokia, the Nokia XR20 Industrial edition* was created for workers in oil & gas, and chemical industries to ensure vital connectivity and other value adding applications. While the 4.9G and 5G smartphone is still sleek like a consumer device, it meets the requirements for zone 2 in hazardous environments.  

Nokia XR20 Industrial edition is ATEX as well as NEC500 and UL certified to meet the protection requirements across the globe. 

Value adding applications 

Complement your Industrial device and Private Wireless solution with integrated Nokia Industrial device management. This allows for support of zero-touch onboarding and plug-and-play operation of any Nokia Industrial user equipment. And it's scalable to manage your entire device population. Likewise, Nokia communication solutions enabling push-to-talk video and messaging can also be added to the devices for the best in worker safety, reliability and efficiency.

*Created in collaboration with HMD Global.

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