Nokia Drone Networks, powered by the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, is a solution comprising Nokia drones, private and secure mobile broadband, cloud connectivity, and a control center. The solution enables up to hundreds of drones to fly on automated individual missions steered from the command and control center.

Nokia drones can be equipped or enhanced in many ways – such as with the addition of cameras or sensors. The Nokia dual camera gimbal has mounted HD video and thermal video cameras. Gimbal can also have a mounted still camera, as well as customizable sensors for smoke, motion, radiation, loud speakers, search lights and more.

Any sensor information from the drones can be securely and confidentially transferred or processed. Information can be analyzed on-board or in the control center and turned into meaningful information.

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According to Frost & Sullivan, UAS annual revenue is expected to reach close to USD 7 billion by 2020 (Webcast “Analysis of the Global Commercial UAS Market to 2020”, April 2017).

“The future will be networked with automated drones that work singularly or in groups.”

“It is not a drone market, it is an information market.”

Nokia Drone Networks in public safety

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Nokia Saving Lives

Nokia Saving Lives - an award winning innovation and non-profit initiative

During the UAE Drones for Good Award event in Dubai in February 2017, the Nokia Saving Lives project demonstrated how groups of drones flying in formation can efficiently search for people in a disaster area. Nokia Saving Lives is based on Nokia Drone Networks technology, combining LTE technology with UAV applications and enhancements such as real-time, high-definition video and infrared cameras that help emergency-response personnel to find and rescue people.

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